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Follow Up Boss API Integration
Follow Up Boss API Integration

Learn How to Integrate CallAction with Your Follow Up Boss / FUB CRM API Key to Sync Phone Calls, Text Message Campaigns, & Call Recordings.

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Steps to Integrate FollowUp Boss with CallAction 

Follow Up Boss / FUB CRM users have access to a full API integration including our Follow Up Boss Embedded app. This extends Follow Up Boss texting functionality with CallAction call capture, call recording, call transcription, video text messages, intelligent text autoresponders, text drip campaigns and team lead call routing and broadcast capabilities. 

What does this FUB API integration do for you?

Any and all activity on CallAction automatically syncs' directly into your Follow Up Boss CRM. If you have a real estate team, then we can push calls and leads into the individual team members' Follow Up Boss CRM account. 

Every inbound lead call, text, email via CallAction, automatically synced into FUB.

  • Every inbound lead call, text, email via CallAction, automatically synced into FUB.

  • Every outbound text or call logged.

  • Call recording transcriptions are synced.

  • Full lead intelligence from CallAction inputted into your FUB notes.

  • Tags from your CallAction campaign: CallAction tracking number, campaign name, origin (call, text, email), CallAction user name... all passed as FUB tags, allowing for email automation to be assigned to fire off "lead flow" & "action plans"

  • Text Tool leads synced with history of request (what "key" sent in & outbound "response")

  • Notes saved in CallAction are synced over.

  • Lead Router / Call Broadcast synced w/ notes on team member lead assignment

  • Inbound call length & duration times saved

  • Holiday text campaign outbound text & inbound responses logged

  • ... all future updates will also be pushed into FUB.

Ready to implement? It will take you about 2 mins to implement if you follow these steps.

💡 Important Note: if you previously were using our Follow UP Boss integration via email parse. Please be sure to turn off all of those settings to avoid creating duplicate contacts. Please notify us to schedule a call to review all your API settings using the chat function below. Lastly, review the best practices below.

Let's get started.

Get your Follow Up Boss API Key

  1. Login to your Follow Up Boss

  2. Click "admin"

  3. Click "more"

  4. Click "API"

  5. Copy your FollowUp Boss API key.

If you have a team, you will need to contact FUB support to obtain each agents FollowUp Boss API key.  We also integrate via email parse with FollowUp Boss.

Next, setup in CallAction

  1. Click on your "Profile" on top right

  2. Click on Integrations

  3. Click on Follow Up Boss

  4. Enter your API key

  5. If you are the only user, turn on "Collect All" or if a team leave to OFF.

  6. Click Save

  7. Go to each of your Phone Numbers

  8. Click Manage 

  9. Click Call Settings

  10. Scroll down to Follow Up Boss and turn "ON" (note you can do this individually for each number)

If you have a Follow Up Boss Team account.

Each team member must Login to their own individual CallAction accounts and follow the steps above to integrate their individual Follow Up Boss CRM.

  • Collect All - Default setting is OFF. This is used if you have a master account & you want to collect all leads from all numbers to a specific FUB API account. In most cases, this will be set to OFF.

This should be in all of your accounts but if it is not, please let me know and we will get it resolved. Here's also the link to FollowUp Boss support page.

Best Practices if Importing Leads from Zillow or Other Sources into CallAction

In order to avoid duplicate data from being created in your FollowUp Boss CRM via API connection, we recommend the following settings be adjusted on your other lead sources. 

  • Train Team Members Before Activating FUB API - Make sure every team member has activated their CallAction account and 100% understand how to respond to text messages by following "First Call" instructions in their CallAction profiles.

  • Turn OFF CallAction Broadcast Text Notification - On the call broadcast settings, turn off the notification or CallAction will create a lead in FUB with agent name if they respond to text.

  • Turn OFF Zillow Text Notifications - If using our call broadcast tool, the text notifications sent to CallAction from a Zillow email integration or any other lead source may create a duplicate contact in your FUB account causing confusion.

  • Turn OFF Zillow Text Notifications in each agent account - you must turn off the notification because Zillow will text you the contact record with the phone number and email address. CallAction will parse the data from that Zillow text notification and append as a new record. Since the notification is also coming from the same Zillow number it will create duplicate contacts with multiple emails and phone numbers. You must turn this off.

  • Turn OFF Zillow Call Recordings - if you have call recording/transcriptions turned on in CallAction, we recommend you turn off recordings on Zillow to speed up call connection times.

Reset Followup Boss API

If you need to reset your API key for FUB, simply follow these steps: 

  1. Click on your "Profile" on the top right

  2. Click on Integrations

  3. Click on Follow Up Boss

  4. Toggle Active to OFF

  5. Save

  6. Refresh page

You'll then be able to reset a new API key.

That's it! You have now integrated your FollowUp Boss CRM with

If you don't use FollowUp Boss CRM but use other real estate CRMS, we have integration instructions for Top Producer real estate CRM, Commissions Inc / CINC CRM and others.

Return to CallAction 

Not Currently Using CallAction with Your FollowUp Boss CRM? 

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