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Follow Up Boss Integrations
Follow Up Boss Integrations

Learn the different Follow Up Boss integrations via API, embedded app, email parse or Zapier to and from CallAction lead engagement system

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Follow Up Boss Integrations

There a many different ways to integrate Follow Up Boss CRM with CallAction. There are both push, pull and bi-directional integrations with CallAction.

Follow Up Boss integrations

Available Integrations of Follow Up Boss and CallAction

You can access any of our FUB integration tutorials to setup integrations.

This FUB integration takes all calls, text or leads in CallAction and pushes them into Follow Up Boss via API. All text messages, call transcriptions, notes, etc are sent your Follow Up boss integration. If a person already exists in Follow Up Boss, CallAction will find the existing record and update.

Use this the Follow Up Boss embedded app integration to access CallAction drip campaigns, respond to text messages or create new contacts in CallAction from existing Follow Up Boss person. Use this FUB integration in combination with the FUB API for full two-way integration.

Follow Up Boss Integration with embedded app

This is the simplest of Follow Up Boss integrations as it uses the CallAction lead export to create leads in Follow UP Boss using email parsing.

Conversely, you can setup Gmail forwarding rules to send specific Follow Up Boss leads like Zillow Tour request into CallAction to start a campaign automatically.

4. Follow Up Boss Zapier integration

The Follow Up Boss integration with Zapier and CallAction can be used for many different workflows. You can update leads, push tags as triggers to start drip campaigns, assign drip campaigns, etc.

Learn How to Get Started Using Follow Up Boss and CallAction with this Guide

You can start following up with your Follow Up Boss leads using automated campaigns in about 15 mins.

Review our quick guide on setting up Follow Up Boss and CallAction.

Leverage CallAction with One of these Follow Up Boss Integrations Free for 14-days

CallAction is an intelligent marketing automation platform engineered to help you follow up and nurture leads using ringless voicemail, text, video, image, gifs messages. Learn how you can create a follow up system using CallAction with Follow Up Boss CRM.


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