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Get Started with Follow Up Boss and CallAction
Get Started with Follow Up Boss and CallAction

Setup your Follow Up Boss Boss and CallAction workflow in 10 mins to start the automated follow-up campaigns of your cold and nurture leads

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How to Setup Follow Up Boss and CallAction Workflow

Follow this simple guide to setup your FUB + CallAction and to start assigning text drip campaigns to contacts in your Follow Up Boss smart list like nurture or stale / cold leads.

Start by having both Follow Up Boss open and CallAction open on your browser tabs and log into both systems. Not currently a CallAction user? Signup to start a free trial of CallAction in about 10 mins.

1. Set up of Follow Up Boss and CallAction in 10 Mins.

  1. Connect your Follow Up Boss API to CallAction ( 2 mins )

  2. Move the CallAction app to the top right of FUB ( 2 mins )

  3. Setup CallAction recommend Follow Up Boss view (3 mins)

    Now on Your Phone...

  4. Add CallAction mobile app to your phones home screen ( 2 mins )

You are now ready to start following up with leads in your Follow Up Boss smart list by assigning a CallAction prewritten drip campaign messaging plan to your old leads.

2. Start Following Up with Your Nurture or Cold Lead Smart LIsts in 30 Secs.

Start automating your lead follow-up by working on selected Follow Up Boss Smart List and applying CallAction campaigns.

This takes less than 30 secs per contact in your smart list, allowing you to easily follow up with 30 old leads in about 15 mins. as you can see from the video above.

  1. Select a Follow Up Boss Smart List, e.g. Cold or Nurture leads

  2. Add the Contact to CallAction via the embedded app

  3. Select the Drip Campaign, i.e. Leads: Nurture Old Buyer Leads

  4. Select the next Contact in your Follow Up Boss Smart List and repeat

You have completed the entire setup process and already started following up with leads. We recommend you assign campaigns to about 30 of your older leads initially and wait for responses.

Once you are comfortable with the follow-up process we can start with to revive old leads with our automated campaign. Contact us via chat for one on one help.

3. How to Start Drip Campaigns Automatically using Follow Up Boss Email Alerts

Last step of automating your lead follow-up with CallAction is to get your leads into CallAction and starting drip campaigns. You can do this with Zapier, the embedded app, or the email parser.

Below are instructions by lead source to setup a Gmail filter and forwarding rule to send. your leads from Follow Up Boss into CallAction. Select your lead source.

Questions about Setting Up Follow Up Boss CRM and CallAction?

Use the live chat in the bottom right for help setting up now ⤵️

Try this Follow Up Boss Automated Workflow with a Free Trial of CallAction

Signup for a free trial of CallAction to extend your Follow Up Boss texting options with our prewritten drip campaigns with ringless voicemail drops, image text, and our scheduled text messages.

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