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Follow Up Boss Gmail Filter Rule for Zillow Tour Leads
Follow Up Boss Gmail Filter Rule for Zillow Tour Leads

Step by step guide to set up a gmail filter forwarding rule for Follow Up Boss email alerts for Zillow Tour a Home lead to CallAction

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How to Start a Text Drip Campaign for Follow Up Boss Zillow Real Estate Leads

Follow Up Boss CRM users can use text drip campaigns with video, images and ringless voicemail drops using CallAction. 

If you are looking for an integrated Follow Up Boss texting solution, here's how to set it up a gmail filter rule to forward FUB Zillow Tour leads into CallAction.

Get Started with Drip Campaign Follow Up of Zillow Tour Leads imported in your FUB CRM

Before using this workflow and setting up the gmail filter to forward your Follow Up Boss email alerts to CallAction, you should setup each of the following:

Now, you are ready to set up the Zillow > FUB > CallAction > FUB workflow.

Gmail Filter for Follow Up Boss Email Alerts of Zillow Property Tour Leads

Note: In Subject & Has the words you must include the phrase within quotes " " to do an exact match. 

  1. Login to Gmail

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Insert into the From field.

  4. Insert "New Lead from Zillow" into Subject field (within quotes)

  5. Insert "This lead requested a property tour." into the Has the words field.

You FUB gmail filter should look exactly like the image above. 

Next, test your new Follow Up Boss gmail filter to make sure works correctly.

Testing the Follow Up Boss Gmail Filter for Zillow Tour Leads

  1. Click on blue "Search" button on bottom right (see above image)

You should see only matching Zillow Tour leads in your gmail account. 

Is everything okay?  If not, edit the filter. Check your quotes and text to make sure matches exactly as above.

Once this is correct, click on the downward triangle in the email search bar next to the X to reopen the filter so that you can now click the Create filter link

Create the Gmail Filter to Forward Email to Another Email Address

  1. Check the Forward it to box

  2. Select the CallAction email address from Choose an address drop-down box (Note: CallAction email addresses start with the phone number and end with

  3. Click Create Filter at bottom of page.

Your Zillow property tour email filter and forwarding rule to your CallAction account is now created. 

You can call all of your Zillow tour leads using the CallAction dialer and have all call activity logged into your Follow Up Boss CRM. 

If you know an agent or real estate team who may benefit from this CallAction workflow you can refer them to CallAction

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