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Gmail Forwarding Rule for Zillow Tour Leads
Gmail Forwarding Rule for Zillow Tour Leads

Learn how to set up a forwarding rule in Gmail to send your Zillow scheduled property tour leads & automatically start a text drip campaign.

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Setup Gmail Forwarding Rule for Zillow Tour Leads using the Zillow Email Alert

If you are receiving Zillow property tour leads (aka Zillow Tour Connections), we have a pre-written Zillow tour drip campaign template to help you convert these Zillow real estate leads. 

Quick Zillow Property Tour / Tour Connection Workflow

  • Setup a Dedicated CallAction number

  • Confirm the new email within Gmail for setup forwarding rule

  • Attach the Zillow Tour drip campaign template to the campaign number

Zillow Tour Booking Email Notification

Here's an example of the Zillow tour email alert and the content of the email. You can see the phrase "requested a property tour." in the body of the email. 

This will be the same message body you will see in the BoomTown, Follow Up Boss, Lion Desk, Firepoint email alerts that import leads from Zillow. 

You can create the same filter process as below but using the email alert from any CRM. 

Add or Select a Dedicated CallAction Campaign Number for Zillow Tours

If you want to automatically start the drip campaigns for these types of leads as they come in, we recommend setting up dedicated CallAction campaign number. 

Next, you need to add the new CallAction campaign email address to Gmail. 

Add the New Zillow Tour CallAction Email to Gmail

We have setup a simple 3 step workflow to add and confirm CallAction emails to your gmail account. 

Tip: Be sure to do a hard refresh of the Gmail screen after completion to make sure the CallAction email is selectable when you create the Gmail filter.

Import & Attach the Follow Up: Zillow Schedule Tour drip campaign

Now, simply attach the CallAction Zillow Scheduled Tour drip campaign to your new CallAction account.

Setup the Gmail Filter to Forward the Zillow Property Tour Emails to CallAction

Now, let's setup the actual Gmail filter that will forward the matching Zillow tour email notifications to your CallAction email address.

Note: In Subject & Has the words you must include the phrase within quotes " " to do an exact match. 

  1. Login to Gmail

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Insert into the From field.

  4. Insert "New Lead!" into Subject field (within quotes)

  5. Insert "This lead requested a property tour." into the Has the words field.

You filter should look exactly like the image above. 

Next, text your new Zillow tour filter to make sure works correctly.

Testing the Gmail Filter for Zillow Tour

  1. Click on blue "Search" button on bottom right (see above image)

You should see only matching Zillow Tour leads in your gmail account. 

Is everything okay?  If not, edit the filter. Check your quotes and text to make sure matches exactly as above.

Once this is correct, click on the downward triangle in the email search bar next to the X to reopen the filter so that you can now click the Create filter link

Create the Gmail Filter to Forward Email to Another Email Address

  1. Check the Forward it to box

  2. Select the CallAction email address from Choose an address drop-down box (Note: CallAction email addresses start with the phone number and end with

  3. Click Create Filter at bottom of page.

Your Zillow property tour email filter and forwarding rule to your CallAction account is now created. 

If you have an integrated CRM the leads will automatically sync to your CRM. You can also create a Zapier integration to push the Zillow Tour lead to 1000's of other software solutions. 

You can call all of your Zillow tour leads using the CallAction dialer

If you know an agent or real estate team who may benefit from this CallAction workflow you can refer them to CallAction

Try this Zillow Tour Workflow with CallAction Free Trial

If you are investing in Zillow real estate leads or are receiving Zillow Flex real estate leads, you can try CallAction sales and marketing automation with our free trial.  CallAction is used by top real estate teams, view some CallAction reviews now. 

Setup a trial now and you'll be able to get started with the Zillow Tour lead follow-up workflow in 20 mins. 

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