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How to Convert Zillow Rental Leads
How to Convert Zillow Rental Leads

Learn why and how to use CallAction Zillow rental lead drip campaigns to automatically follow-up & convert Zillow rental leads into buyers

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Set up a Zillow Rental Lead Drip Campaign `

If you buy Zillow real estate leads and are also receiving Zillow rentals in the mix, you have an opportunity to try and convert those into home buyers.  In this docs you'll learn the following:

  • Why You Should Attempt to Convert Rental Leads

  • How to Download the Zillow Rental Lead Drip Campaign Template

  • How to Setup a Gmail Filter and Forwarding Rule for Rental Leads

Let's get started.

Why You Should Try to Convert Zillow Rental Leads to Buyers

Some important stats according to a recent Zillow report.

  • 46% of all renters  (52% of millennials) consider buying during their home search

  • 47% of renters who moved are planning on moving within the year

  • 34% of those renters plan on buying a home in the next move. 

Quick math example of 100 Zillow rental leads (assuming 100% end up renting) and why you want to invest a little time to try and convert these Zillow leads.

  • 46 of the 100 renters are thinking of buying

  • 47 of 100 are planning on moving next year

  • 16 (34%) of the 47 who rented and planning to move within 12 months are planning on buying. 

So using Zillow data, if you got 100 rental leads today, 16 of those leads are planning to buy within 12 months.  If you convert leads at 5-6% that is 1 deal in next 12 months. 

If you don't follow up with those 16 leads, they will be buyer leads in 8-9 months anyway. 

An extra deal a year makes sense for you to leverage our Zillow renter drip campaign template and put the lead nurture on autopilot for the next year. 

Download the Zillow Renter Drip Campaign Template

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Tools

  3. Click on Drip Campaigns

  4. Click on campaign Templates

  5. Select Leads: Zillow Renter Campaign

  6. Click Use Campaign

  7. Scroll to bottom, click Save Campaign

Next we need to setup a campaign number that will be used for the text drip campaign to follow up and engage your Zillow rental leads. 

Set Up a Dedicated Zillow Rental Lead Campaign Number

If you want to automatically start the drip campaigns for these types of leads as they come in, we recommend setting up dedicated CallAction campaign number. 

Next, you need to add the new CallAction campaign email address to Gmail. 

Add the New Zillow Tour CallAction Email to Gmail

We have setup a simple 3 step workflow to add and confirm CallAction emails to your gmail account. 

Tip: Be sure to do a hard refresh of the Gmail screen after completion to make sure the CallAction email is selectable when you create the Gmail filter.

Attach the Zillow Rental Lead Drip Campaign 

Now you have the dedicated number and the drip campaign template in your account, you must set the drip campaign to your Zillow campaign number to start the lead to call automation.

Now it's time to start filtering the emails to set up the forwarding rule. 

How to Create a Gmail Filter Rule to Route Zillow Rental Leads 

You are ready to create email filters to import these Zillow leads into CallAction and attach the Zillow drip campaign. 

Below are some examples of using the GSuite / Gmail filters to forward rental leads into CallAction using real-time email alerts from the following: 

  • Zillow Email Forwarding Rule

  • Follow Up Boss Email Forwarding Rule

  • BoomTown Email Forwarding Rule

We'll also show you how to set up this filter from any other sources.

Zillow Email Forwarding Rule

We are starting with Zillow's email alert. All other sources will be similar with the exception of the from address and the subject line. 

  1. Login to Gmail

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Insert into the From field.

  4. Insert "New Lead!" into Subject field (within quotes)

  5. Insert "This lead is looking for a rental" into the Has the words field.

Testing the Gmail Filter for Zillow Rental Leads

  1. Click on blue "Search" button on bottom right (see above image)

You should see only Zillow rental leads in your gmail account.  If yes, then you are ready to create the email forwarding rule.  

Re-open the filter by clicking on the downward caret in the Gmail search bar.

Create & Apply the Zillow Rental Forwarding Rule 

This last step will filter the leads and send a copy of the email to the CallAction email parser for the specific campaign number. 

The attached Zillow rental lead drip campaign will then automatically start with each new rental lead. 

  1. Check the Forward it to box

  2. Select the CallAction Zillow Rental Lead campaign email address from Choose an address drop-down box (Note: CallAction email addresses start with the phone number and end with

  3. Click Create Filter at bottom of page.

You are now done. 

  • You have set an email forwarding rule that will filter Zillow rental leads

  • Send them to your CallAction account, 

  • Attach the Zillow rental drip campaign

  • Automatically start following up on your Zillow lead with the text drip campaign

Below are the email forwarding rules using email alerts from different CRM's. You will use the same process as above except change the following fields in the filter: 

  • From: (this is the email address that you are receiving the email alert from)

  • Subject: (the subject line of the specific lead source, Zillow, you want to filter)

Here's a list of the rules with screenshots. 

BoomTown Email Forwarding Rule for Zillow Rentals

Here are details for BoomTown CRM email alerts.

Follow Up Boss Email Forwarding Rule for Zillow Rentals

Here are details for Follow Up Boss CRM email alerts.

  • Subject: "New Lead from"

  • Has the words:  "This lead is looking for a rental"

Other Real Estate CRMs

The same process is possible from most other real estate CRM's we support such as: 

Try this Zillow Rental Lead Workflow with Free CallAction Trial

If you are investing in Zillow real estate leads or are receiving Zillow Flex real estate leads, you can try CallAction sales and marketing automation with our free trial.  CallAction is used by top real estate teams, view some CallAction reviews now. 

Setup a trial now and you'll be able to get started with the Zillow Tour lead follow-up workflow in 20 mins. 

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