Learn how to integrate CallAction with the Lion Desk real estate CRM to automatically log every inbound phone call, text and engagement

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Do You use the LionDesk CRM?

You can now integrate LionDesk real estate crm with CallAction intelligent automation platform via this powerful API integration or LionDesk email parse integration.

Use CallAction call tracking numbers to capture, respond and track all of your advertising sources and automatically log every lead and engagement into your Lion Desk CRM to save hours in data-entry every week. 

LionDesk API Integration with CallAction

Our custom built powerful integration with LionDesk will automate all of the data-entry directly into your Lion Desk real estate CRM activity timeline:

  • All inbound & outbound text messages 

  • All of the CallAction automated drip campaign activities 

  • Inbound call recording transcriptions

  • Every outbound call attempt is logged

  • CallAction tags passed into LionDesk to setoff workflows

  • Distribute leads to your agents via CallAction lead broadcast & log the claimed leads directly into the agents LionDesk CRM

... and much more.

This powerful integration bridges the gap of automatically capturing and responding to your online & offline lead generation efforts and getting those captured leads inputed into your real estate CRM system.

How to setup your LionDesk / CallAction Integration

This integration will take about 5 - 8 mins. to complete as it's just a few simple steps. 

  1. You'll need to locate & copy your LionDesk personal API key

  2. Paste the LionDesk API key in your CallAction integration settings

  3. Activate the LionDesk integration for each CallAction number

Simple as that. Now let's start each step. 

How to Locate the LionDesk Personal API Key for 3rd Party Integrations

  1. Go to LionDesk login

  2. Click on your Profile in the top right

  3. Click on Settings

  4. Click on the 3rd Party Integrations tab

  5. Scroll down list of 3rd Party API Keys

  6. Click Enable the Personal API key

  7. Copy the displayed Personal API key

Now you'll need to go into CallAction to finish the integration.

Integrate CallAction to LionDesk via API 

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Profile in top right

  3. Click on Integrations in the Settings section

  4. Click on the LionDesk button

  5. Paste your LionDesk CRM API key into User Key field

  6. Click Save All Changes

Next, you'll need to activate which CallAction numbers you want to integrate with LionDesk to send data and contacts to activity timeline.

  1. Click on Numbers in top navigation bar

  2. Click the Manage button of the selected CallAction number

  3. Click on Call Settings button

  4. Scroll down until you see Lion Desk "ON / OFF" toggle

  5. Toggle to LionDesk to "ON" on selected number

  6. Click Save All Changes

Done! Now all activity from that specific CallAction number will be synced into your LionDesk CRM via the API. Repeat the process with each CallAction number.

If you have a real estate team on LionDesk, each user may follow the above instructions to sync their individual leads or leads claimed via the CallAction lead broadcast into their CRM automatically.

Try this CallAction / LionDesk Integration for Free

If you currently a LionDesk CRM user, you may setup a free trial on CallAction to use this integration for free. You'll have full access to the CallAction intelligent drip automations. Setting up a CallAction trial account takes less than 10 mins. If you are a CallAction user and would like to try LionDesk, you can access their site to setup a LionDesk trial account also. 

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