How to Integrate Chime CRM with CallAction via an API. Instantly sync CallAction captured leads into your Chime real estate CRM platform

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Chime CRM API Integration

Learn how to connect Chime real estate CRM / IDX solution with CallAction intelligent automation platform via Chime API.

Why Integrate Chime CRM with CallAction

The Chime / CallAction integration is an extremely powerful solution that streamlines your business.  Some benefits of the API integration. 

  • Save time by eliminating CRM double data entry. 

  • Track all of your leads from every source into Chime CRM

  • Add powerful text, video & direct to voicemail drip campaigns

  • Capture inbound phone leads direction into Chime 

  • Call transcriptions synced into your Chime CRM

How to Setup Chime API Integration with CallAction

Follow these simple steps to integrate CallAction with your Chime real estate CRM system. 

First, you will need your Chime API Key

  1. Login to Chime

  2. Click on Settings (top nav gear icon)

  3. Click on Integrations (left nav)

  4. Scroll to down to API Key

  5. Click Copy

Next you will need to add the Chime API key into CallAction.

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on your Profile in top left

  3. Scroll down and click on Integrations

  4. Click on Chime button

  5. Enter your Chime API key

  6. Click Connect

  7. Click Save all changes

Note: Leave "Collect All" to OFF as this is the default setting. The only time this should be ON is if you are trying to collect all leads from all CallAction users into a single API key in Chime. This assigns all leads to the API key account holder and not individual agents.

Now your Chime CRM is connected to CallAction via API. 

Activate Chime CRM API Connection on a CallAction phone number

 Next we must activate the integration on your individual CallAction campaign phone numbers. This will sync the CallAction data captured on a specific phone number into your Chime CRM.

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Numbers in top navigation

  3. Click on Manage next to the CallAction number to sync

  4. Click on Call Settings button

  5. Scroll down to Chime button

  6. Click ON

  7. Click on Save all changes

Do You Have Multiple Chime CRM Users?

If you are using the CallAction lead router / call broadcast system to distribute leads to your team, you can have claimed leads automatically inserted into the users' Chime account.

Setup Chime User Accounts

  1. Each user must login to an individual CallAction account

  2. Follow Chime CRM API connections above

  3. Enter their individual Chime user names & passwords

  4. Click Save all changes

Done, now each individual CallAction / Chime user accounts are synced in real-time. 

Chime Collect All Setting

This setting allows the admin to capture a copy of all data from every CallAction number automatically into a master Chime CRM account.  

Try this Chime + CallAction Integration Now

Not a CallAction user currently?  

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