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Contactually Real Estate CRM

Learn how to integrate Contactually CRM with CallAction via API. Capture calls into Contactually CRM and follow-up with text drip campaigns

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How to Integrate Contactually Real Estate CRM

If you are using the powerful Contactually real estate CRM, you can now integrate with CallAction to extend CRM functionality. 

The Contactually to CallAction integration automatically syncs all leads captured by CallAction directly into the Contactually CRM Activity Feed. 

You will quickly build your CRM databank and save hours while eliminating Contactually CRM data-entry.

Some of the other tasks automated with the Contactually API integration.

  • Review real-time lead intel captured by CallAction in Contactually

  • Every call and text message communication saved into Contactually CRM

  • Outbound calls and text messages logged into CRM

  • Every recorded & transcribed conversation in CallAction pushed into Contactually

Steps to Integrate Contactually via API

The Contactually / CallAction integration is done in two simple steps.

  1. Get you API Key in Contactually

  2. Paste Contactually API key into CallAction Integrations 

Let's get started with detailed instructions for each.

Get Your Contactually CRM API Key

  1. Go to Contactually Login

  2. Click on your Initials in top right corner

  3. Click on Settings 

  4. Left side, in Features, click on API

  5. Copy the Contactually API key

Next, you will finish up the integration in CallAction.

Integrate Contactually CRM API Key into CallAction

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on your Profile Name in top right

  3. Scroll to Settings section, and click Integrations

  4. Click on Contactually button

  5. Paste your Contactually API key into API field

  6. Click Save

CallAction is now integrated with Contactually real estate CRM. Only step left is to select which CallAction numbers will integrate with Contactually CRM directly.

Activate Contactually API Integrations on your CallAction Numbers

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Phone Numbers in top nav bar

  3. Click Manage next to CallAction number you want to integrate
    Note: You may have more than 1 CallAction number integrated

  4. Click on Call Settings

  5. Scroll down to Contactually On / Off Toggle

  6. Toggle to "ON"

  7. Click Save

Repeat as necessary for each CallAction number you want to send data into Contactually Real Estate CRM.

Do You have a Team on Contactually Real Estate CRM?

If you have a real estate team using Contactually CRM you can integrate each CallAction user using the steps above for each individual Contactually API key.

If you are distributing inbound phone calls to your team using the CallAction call broadcast system, every lead claimed by a user is sent directly into their Contactually CRM.

Every users text messages, call transcription and communication is synced automatically saving hours in CRM data-entry time.

Try CallAction / Contactually Integration Free

You can try this CallAction and Contactually API integration for free for 14-days if you are not currently a CallAction user. You can use this CallAction workflow to generate free real estate leads on Craigslist using text for info to see the Contactually and CallAction integration in action.

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