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Learn how to setup the Firepoint integration with CallAction. Capture calls into the CRM and automatically follow up w/ Firepoint leads

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Firepoint Real Estate CRM Integration

The Firepoint CRM and real estate IDX website solution is a powerful way to generate and manage real estate leads. Users can get Firepoint leads via the platform and also has partner integrations with Ylopo and CallAction. 

What Does the CallAction + Firepoint Integration do?

The CallAction to Firepoint API integration pushes all calls, text, data-append info, and transcribed phone calls directly into the Firepoint CRM. 

This saves you hours of data-entry making agents more efficient.

Real estate teams using the CallAction call broadcast lead router can have claimed calls automatically created in the individual user who was the first to claim the jump ball call. Learn more about our first to claim lead assignment to improve lead pond performance.

You can also leverage the CallAction text drip campaigns with image, gifs, video, ringless voicemails to follow up with Firepoint leads and have that information synced back into your Firepoint CRM.

Lastly, as you update your Firepoint CRM with correct names, phone numbers and emails that data will sync back to your CallAction account.

Get Your Firepoint Partner Integration Secret Keys

  1. Click on you Profile initials in top right

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Copy the Agent Secret Key OR Office Secret Key (see difference below)

Firepoint Agent Secret Key

  • Use this API Firepoint secret key and have calls automatically logged into the users personal CRM accounts.

Firepoint Office Secret Key

  • You can use this Firepoint secret key API in the CallAction integration and this will distribute inbound phone calls using the Firepoint distribution rules.

Next we will go connect CallAction with the Firepoint secret keys.

Connect CallAction to Firepoint Integrations

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Profile in top right

  3. Click on Integrations

  4. Click on Firepoint

  5. Paste the Firepoint Secret Key (either Agent or Office)

  6. Click Save

CallAction captured calls, text messages and activity is synced into your Firepoint CRM automatically in real-time.

Try this CallAction to Firepoint Integration with Free Trial

If you are a current Firepoint user but not using CallAction, you can try this integration free for 14-days. You'll have access to CallAction text for info for lead generations and if a real estate team, you can use our call broadcast lead router to capture calls and distribute them to the team via first to claim or into the Firepoint lead pond.


Learn why top real estate team lead and Ylopo user Barry Jenkins uses CallAction.

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