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Learn how to setup a CallAction to Podio.com CRM API integration.

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How to Integrate Podio with CallAction

CallAction has a full API integration with the Podio CRM system. Podio is used by lots of real estate investors who invest in both online and offline marketing. 

CallAction lead engagement automation platform can help you capture, engage and track all your calls, text and email leads and sync data directly into your Podio account. 

Why Integrate Podio CRM + CallAction

Some of the benefits of using CallAction with Podio as you call tracking and intelligent automation solution.

  • Inbound phone calls captured & synced into Podio automatically

  • Full call recording & call transcriptions save to Podio notes

  • Real-time reverse data-append / data enrichment data synced into Podio

  • Full text, video sms & direct to voicemail drip campaign automations

  • Generate leads via Text for Info that are synced into Podio

Many other efficiencies are possible with this powerful integration.

Podio Integration Process

The integration is quite simple and will take you less than 5 mins to complete. There are two main steps.

  • Get your Podio API Key

  • Connect CallAction to Podio via the API

Get Your Podio API Key

  1. Login to Podio

  2. Click on your Profile in top right

  3. Click on Account settings

  4. Click on API Keys

  5. Enter CallAction in the Application name field

  6. Enter callaction.co in the Full Domain field

  7. Click green Generate API Key button

  8. Copy the Client ID key

  9. Copy the Client Secret API key

Next, we need to go to CallAction and put in the Podio API key to connect the accounts.

Connect CallAction to Podio CRM

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on your Profile in top right

  3. Click on Integrations

  4. Click the Podio button

  5. Enter CallAction into Application field

  6. Paste your Client ID into the Client ID field

  7. Paste your Podio Client Secret API Key into Client Secret field 

  8. Click Save All Changes

Note: All details must match exactly or you will get an error.

Select CallAction Numbers to Integrate

  1. Click on Numbers in top navigation

  2. Click on Manage of the phone number you want to connect to Podio

  3. Scroll down to button of list

  4. Click ON the Podio CRM

  5. Repeat with any numbers you want to capture leads and sync into Podio

Try this Podio to CallAction Integration Free

If you are a real estate investor or Podio user, you can try CallAction free for 14-days. You can signup for a free trial in less than 5 mins and take advantage of CallAction text and direct to VM drip campaigns, call recording & transcriptions being synced into your Podio CRM.

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