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Learn how to integrate CallAction with the Tribus CRM to automatically log & populate your CRM with every captured inbound call & email

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How to Setup Tribus Real Estate Integration with CallAction

Real estate brokerages using the powerful Tribus platform can easily integrate CallAction to save time, improve lead conversion and overall company revenue by leveraging home buyer IDX inquiries on the company website (Download free PDF). 

Why Integrate Tribus & CallAction?

CRM's are valuable when they are filled with lead inquiries that need to be followed-up with. 

97% of inquiries will not convert immediately and will require long-term follow-up which is why you must capture 100% of those leads into your real estate CRM.

The most motivated of those inquiries are calls which often never end up in the CRM because of the amount of effort and time to do data-entry and lack of systems to capture leads.

Imagine if it takes just 2 mins to enter the contact info into your CRM but you get 500 inbound calls a month, that's 1000 mins or over 16 hours just in data-entry. 

A simple, yet Tribus and CallAction integration solves this problem and others.

CallAction to Tribus Integration Use Cases

Here's just a few reasons to use this integration as described on Tribus partner page.

  • Logs of every inbound and outbounds lead call and text message

  • Get call recording and voicemail transcriptions 

  • Track origin of your inbound leads to maximize ROI on ad spends

  • Automatically saves Notes to leads in CRM

  • Inbound call length data

  • Automates lead engagement and long term lead follow-up for agents to increase lead conversion

  • Sync yard sign or website calls into your CRM to build list most valuable leads.

View how simple it is to integrate CallAction to your CRM

Simple Steps to Set-up Tribus to CallAction Integration

This is a simple two step process; first you'll need to get your CallAction API key and second insert the API key into your Tribus account. Let's get started.

Locate your CallAction API Key

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on your "Profile" in top right

  3. Click on API

  4. Copy your API Token / Key

Next, you will go into your Tribus account.

8 Steps to Integrate Tribus CRM with CallAction

  1. Login to your Tribus account (visit [YOUR SITE]/wp-admin/)

  2. Click on "My Sites"

  3. Click on "Network Admin" 

  4. Click on "Dashboard" 

  5. Click on "TRIBUS Settings"

  6. Click on "Integrations" tab

  7. Enter (or Paste) your CallAction API token / key

  8. Click "Save"

You have now integrated CallAction with your Tribus real estate CRM. You can now take advantage of our powerful drip campaigns for automated lead follow-up and our holiday text campaigns to nurture leads long term.

Try this Tribus / CallAction Integration Free for 14-days

If you are not currently a CallAction user, you can still try this integration or any other real estate CRM integration we offer. We offer risk free 14-day trials of CallAction that allow you to quickly test this integration. 

You can setup a trial in less than 10 mins and return to this integration page to complete the setup. You can then have a few few friends or co-workers call your new CallAction call capture number to see the integration in action.


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