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Learn how to integrate CallAction with the Sierra Interactive real estate CRM & IDX platform via an API to sync captured calls & texts msgs.

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Sierra Interactive Real Estate & CallAction

Use this CallAction to Sierra Interactive integration to streamline your real estate business. 

Save time by automating data-entry of every inbound call into the CRM. Easily track every lead from calls and text from all of your online or offline marketing with our local call capture phone numbers.

Instantly engage and nurture your leads with CallAction's authentic intelligent automations and advanced text & voicemail drip campaign system.

Why Integrate CallAction to your Sierra Interactive CRM?

Benefits of using the powerful API integration.

  • Every inbound captured call is automatically synced into Sierra Interactive

  • Avoids time consuming data-entry

  • Recorded and transcribed phone calls can be pushed into Sierra Interactive CRM notes

  • All reverse data-appended / data enriched lead information also synced

  • Track every call and text message in Notes

  • See all CallAction drip campaign messages in Sierra Interaction

  • Capture and follow-up leads using CallAction text for info system and campaigns

There are lots of other benefits of using the two systems together.

Simple 3 Step Integration

  • Get Sierra Interactive Real Estate API Key

  • Paste Sierra Interactive API Key into CallAction

  • Activate Sierra Interactive API on CallAction numbers

That's it, you can integrate the two systems in less than 5 mins.

How to integrate CallAction to Sierra Interactive

  1. Contact Sierra Interactive via email to request your API key

Once you have your Sierra Interactive API key, go to next steps in CallAction

Setup Sierra Interactive API Key in CallAction

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click your Profile in top right

  3. Click on Integrations

  4. Click Sierra Interactive button

  5. Paste your Sierra Interactive API key into the box

  6. Click Save 

Activate your Sierra Interactive API Integration on Selected CallAction Numbers

  1. Click on Numbers in top navigation bar

  2. Click on Manage of the CallAction number you want sync into Sierra Interactive

  3. Click on Call Settings

  4. Scroll to Sierra Interactive

  5. Switch Sierra Interactive to ON

  6. Click Save

Do You Have a Real Estate Team Using Sierra Interactive?

You may use CallAction team account and our call broadcast lead router to distribute your inbound calls to your real estate team and insure every call is answered in real time.

Now you can insure that every IDX lead call answered by your agent is inserted into the agents Sierra Interactive CRM automatically.

  1. Get each agents individual Sierra interactive API key

  2. Login to each agents CallAction account and repeat steps above

If you use multiple CRMS at the same time, CallAction can also push data to multiple systems via our other integrations.

Not Currently Using CallAction with Your Sierra Interactive Real Estate CRM? 

Learn first hand how this + Sierra Interactive integration can save you time, make you more money and improve your real estate lead conversion rates. We offer a free 14-day trial and demo or our services. 

Take 10 mins to signup for CallAction now to try this Sierra Interactive integration.

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