Learn how to integrate Brivity real estate IDX & CRM platform with CallAction text drip campaigns, powerful call capture and lead routing

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Brivity Real Estate Software Integration

The Brivity real estate tool offers a real estate IDX and CRM platform used by many of the top real estate team leaders, including Ben Kinney the founder. Brivity competes against BoomTown, Real Geeks, Commissions Inc (all of which we integrate with) and few other all in one real estate platforms. 

Why use Brivity with CallAction?

Brivity users can extend the Brivity action and auto plans with CallAction's advanced text drip campaigns which include the following: 

Eliminate Data-Entry of Inbound Calls into Brivity CRM

Using a CallAction to Brivity email parser integration, you'll be able to capture and track every inbound phone call directly into your Brivity real estate solution. This save hours of tedious and expensive data-entry into your real estate CRM

Follow-up with Brivity IDX Leads using CallAction text Drip Campaigns

Use this integration to automatically follow-up with Brivity IDX website leads in real-time. If you are using an ISA you can setup campaigns to run only Mon-Fri to not miss any opportunities. 

Setup Brivity + CallAction Integration

There are several ways to setup workflow integrations between the two platforms. We will focus on using email parser. If you have an more advance workflow we can also create a Brivity API integration using Brivity's Zapier.

How to Send CallAction captured leads into Brivity CRM

This Brivity workflow will send CallAction captured calls and text leads into the Brivity lead routing system or individual agents CRM accounts using email parse.

  1. Go to Brivity Login

  2. Click on Lead Parsing

  3. Copy the agent's Brivity 

  4.  (if part of a real estate team, you will need to select each individual agents Brivity email address and repeat these steps)

Next, you will need to login into CallAction

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Numbers

  3. Select Phone number and click Manage

  4. Click on Integrations

  5. Turn ON Lead Export

  6. Paste agents Brivity email into Lead Export field

  7. Click Save

Now every time the agent receives a call to their CallAction phone number, CallAction will send an email to Brivity's email parser to create the contact automatically in the Brivity CRM. 

How to Send Brivity IDX Leads to CallAction Drip Campaigns

Using email filters and forwarding rules in Gmail or Outlook you can send the Brivity IDX website lead registrations to CallAction.  

Simply setup a filter to forward the agents Brivity new lead alert into the agents CallAction email parser address to start the auto drip campaigns. 

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Phone Numbers

  3. Select Agents CallAction number and click Manage

  4. Click on Email Settings 

Gmail Users

  1. Add the CallAction email address as a forwarding email.

OutLook Users

  1. You can do directly to Rules to setup email forwarding.

Brivity Email Filter / Forwarding Rule

You will create a rule to filter matching emails and forward to the CallAction email. The following are the three primary settings for the rule. 

  1. From Address:  " "

  2. Subject Line: "Congratulations! You've got a new lead"

  3. Forward to: (insert the copied CallAction email address)

Emails matching the above rules will then be automatically forwarded into CallAction. CallAction will then parse the email, extract the name, phone number, email and create the contact in CallAction. 

The drip campaign that is set to campaign number will the be triggered and start following up with the Brivity leads. You have now fully automated your Brivity lead follow-up using CallAction sales & marketing automation software.

Free Trial of CallAction for Brivity Users

If you are currently a Brivity real estate platform user, you can setup a free 14-day trial of CallAction today. You get instant access to CallAction to try this Brivity integration. 

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