Use Competition to Solve the Speed to Lead Issue with Inbound Calls

The most important, motivated leads to your business are phone calls. 

CallAction provides a call capture system with lead routing tool that creates a competitive "jump ball / first to claim" setting amongst your team to answer calls quickly. 

The lead router can distribute calls, text messages and email leads in one simple interface.

Call Broadcast

  • Call Broadcast rings all of the people in your lead queue simultaneously. 

  • First person to answer and press 1 is connected to the call. 

  • If you have a CRM integration, we also assign and create the lead into the team members CRM automatically in real-time. 

  • If no-one answers a call or the caller hangs up, CallAction automatically assigns the lead via round robin to the next agent and start the missed call text engagement. 

This process ensures that all of your calls are captured, engaged and tracked. 

Call Recording & Transcription

Every inbound call to the automated call distribution system can be recorded. Recorded calls can also be transcribed to text and sync into your CRM. 

Call Tracking

You can have multiple "lead router" numbers running simultaneously to track inbound calls of your lead sources.

Set Your Call Broadcast Lead Router

The Call Broadcast requires that you have a team account with sub-users (team members) already created. 

Each sub-user must have their own CallAction account and dedicated phone number.

Activate a CallAction Lead Router

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click "Phone Numbers"

  3. Click "Manage" on the phone number you will use as a lead router

  4. Click "Call Settings"

  5. Enter a "Campaign Name" where the lead router is used.

  6. Scroll down to "Lead Router"

  7. Toggle to "On"

  8. Click "Save All"

Setup Call Broadcast Lead Router Queue

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click "Phone Numbers"

  3. Click on "Manage" your lead router number (indicated by people icon in front of number)

  4. Click on "Lead Router Settings" button

  5. Click on link "User Phone Numbers" to open list of all you sub-users

  6. Click "Add User to Lead Routing"

  7. Enter "Full Name" and the "CallAction Phone Number" (can also cut & paste)
    Note: If "CallAction Phone Number" switches to "No" please verify the number.

  8. Repeat for everyone you would like in the lead routing queue.

  9. Click "Save All Changes"

Advanced Settings for Call Broadcast Lead Router Settings

  1. Lead Routing Type: Round Robin or Call Broadcast. You may toggle between settings once the lead router is setup.

  2. Call Broadcast Message: You may personalize your hold message. Simply type your message and system will use a pre-recorded female voice to make play text. 

  3. Broadcast Text Notification: On / Off. This is to turn on/off the text notification sent to all users before the phone rings.

  4. Get Calls & Get Emails: You can toggle if a user gets calls or emails. This may be used if team member on vacation, busy or not performing.

Tracking Leads in Your CRM

Congrats, you have now setup your call broadcast lead router tool. You can also combine this with a CRM integration like Follow Up Boss, Top Producer or others and have all lead calls logged, tracked, recorded and synced.

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