How to Set a Default Fall Back User

CallAction Call Broadcast allows you to simultaneously ring multiple users to increase your inbound call answer rates.  

Learn how to have all unanswered call broadcast calls routed to a default user or third party answering service when an inbound call goes answered or caller hangs up before call is answered.

Unanswered Call Broadcast Settings

Currently you have three options to manage your unanswered calls.

  • Automatic round robin assignment

  • Call broadcast everyone including default fallback user and route to fallback

  • Call broadcast everyone EXCEPT the fallback user

All of these settings guarantee that every inbound call is automatically engaged with our missed call text automations. 

Selecting Your Fallback User

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Numbers

  3. Click on Manage next to your Call Broadcast number

  4. Click on Lead Router Settings

  5. Toggle Fallback ON to route unanswered calls to a user

  6. Click Save All Changes

No Initial Call Broadcast Option

CallAction also allows you a 2nd option to NOT broadcast calls to the default fallback user initially and only ring if the call is unanswered. 

  1. Toggle Get Calls to OFF

  2. Toggle Fallback to ON

  3. Click Save All Changes

Done, you can toggle these lead router options as needed at anytime.

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