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How to Setup Google Local Service Ads to Call Broadcast
How to Setup Google Local Service Ads to Call Broadcast

Improve your call answer rates and lead conversion from Google Local Service ad calls by ringing multiple sales people simultaneously.

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First to Claim Google Local Service Ad Calls

Google Local Service ads are inbound click to call leads. Google distributes calls to the service providers who have the highest call answer rate. Guarantee you have the highest answer rates using a first to claim call broadcast system.

Route Calls to Teams

Use the CallAction call broadcast system to ring multiple salespeople simultaneously directly to their mobile phones or office lines.


All calls are captured, recorded, transcribed, and entered into your integrated CRM automatically.

How to Set Up Google Local Service Ads Call Broadcast to Sales Team

  1. Set up a dedicated CallAction call capture number
    (πŸ›‘ this is important when created ad, you cannot change the number after at the moment)

  2. Set number as a call broadcast number

  3. Enter the CallAction number as your Google Local Services Ad phone number

  4. Add your team members to call broadcast lead router

  5. Set number as first to claim, round-robin or specific time schedules to receive Google Local Services Ad lead calls

Every new lead call from your Google Local Services ad is broadcasted to your entire sales team. First person to answer the call receives the lead call sales opportunity.

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If you are not a CallAction user currently, please book a call with us and you'll receive a free trial of CallAction.

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