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How to Add Subusers / Team Members to your CallAction Account

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Steps to Add Users to Your CallAction Account

You can easily create sub-user accounts on CallAction in less than 5 minutes. 

Your sub-users will have their own login to view their dashboard and settings but are limited to only seeing their own leads and activity. 

You may add an additional user(s) at any time and will automatically be billed according to your CallAction plan. You can add or remove users and reassign user accounts to others by simply updating the profile record with new contact info.

If you are on a Team plan your new sub-user can be instantly added to our round-robin lead router and call broadcast tools. If you are on a Solo plan you can only add one additional user. If you need to upgrade your account from Solo to Team, please contact us via chat support.

Please contact us with any questions or if you are planning on adding over 25 sub-users to your Team plan using the chat support at the bottom right side. 

Already a CallAction user, start a tour now or follow the instructions below.

Add a User to CallAction

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on "Profile Name" on the top right

  3. Click on "Users"

  4. Click "Add Sub users"

  5. Complete all of the user profile details
    Note: Password is min. 8 characters

  6. Click "Save All Changes"

Next, you will need to add a CallAction phone number for the sub-user. If you already have an extra CallAction number ready, you will need to assign the number to your new sub-user. 

Assign User a CallAction Phone Number

  1. Click "Phone Numbers"

  2. Click on "Manage" for the phone number you plan to assign

  3. Go to the "Destination Number" drop-down

  4. Use the drop-down to select and assign the "User" the phone number

  5. Click "Save Changes" at bottom of the page

Next, your user should start to personalize their text message settings and set up CRM and lead source integrations and familiarize themselves with the user interface.

User Setting Details

Explanations for the main user settings.

  • Timezone: Select your correct time zone as this controls text message delivery times.

  • Business Hours: These are the delivery hours for text message automation.

  • Passwords: Must be at least 8 characters with numbers, letters, and upper

  • Suspend: Click "Yes" to suspend a user and prevent access

  • Admin Access: Default is "No", turning "ON" gives the user full access to the platform, views, and the ability to add phone numbers.

Any questions, please contact us via chat support at the bottom right.

After adding users you can set up a lead router with call broadcast to distribute phone calls. Your users can also start a campaign to reconnect with past clients or revive old leads.

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