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How to Reconnect with Past Clients
How to Reconnect with Past Clients

Learn how to setup a reconnect campaign for your past clients. Quickly & effectively reestablish communication for future business referrals

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Add Past Clients to a Reconnect Campaign

Streamline your past client follow-up by uploading your past clients into a segmented list and starting a past client reconnect campaign,  CallAction uses a pre-written, proven, drip campaign template with voicemails and text messages to re-engage your past clients.

Basic Workflow to Re-Engage Your Past Clients 

This entire process should take about 15 mins total if you have your past clients in CRM or spreadsheet. 

Setup a Reconnect Campaign to Re-Engage Your Clients

Let's get started with a reconnect campaign.

Prepare Your List of Past Clients

You'll want to prepare your list of past clients to upload into CallAction. We will need a CSV file format with the following fields at minimum in this same order. 

  • Phone (mobile)

  • Email

Optional fields in this exact order.

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Street Address

  • City

  • State

  • Zip

  • Tags

We suggest you segment your past clients into multiple list by year closed or use tags. This makes it easier for you to personalize your drip campaigns or call sessions.  

Upload Past Clients into CallAction

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Profile

  3. Click on Upload Contacts

  4. Select CallAction number for the campaign

  5. Enter tag(s) for the list

  6. Accept terms

  7. Click Upload Contacts

Your list of past clients will upload and phone numbers verified via processing. Once the list is uploaded, you'll be able to start the reconnect campaign.

Start a Past Client Reconnect Campaign

  1. Click on Upload Details

  2. Select Reconnect campaign to Start Engaging Contacts

  3. Click Start Reconnect Campaign

Record Past Client Voicemails & Launch Past Client Reconnect Campaign

  1. Record the reconnect voicemails instructions

  2. Select recorded voicemails in correct order

  3. Click Start Reconnect Campaign

Manage Running Past Client Reconnect Campaign

You can manage running past client reconnect campaigns to slow down or increase delivery cadence, pause or end the re-engagement campaigns. 

You can also use our dialer to manually call leads and when leads responds. Our lead to call automations allow you to assign a new drip campaign to nurture loan term. 

Do You have Past Clients to Reconnect with? 

Setup a free, obligation 14-day trial of CallAction. You'll be able to immediately start re-engaging your past clients with a reconnect campaign.

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