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How to Filter Follow Up Boss for Leads to Export
How to Filter Follow Up Boss for Leads to Export

Learn how to filter the Follow Up Boss CRM for old leads that have not been acted on with zero contact attempts by phone or text to export

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Export Follow Up Boss Leads with Zero Follow Up Calls or Text

Do you know how many leads you have in your Follow Up Boss CRM with no contact attempts made? Have you checked your lead response rates in Follow Up Boss and realized you are missing out on lead conversion opportunities?  

If you have a high percentage of no contact attempts, you can use the CallAction revive campaigns to re-engage those old leads

How to Filter and Export Follow Up Boss Old Leads with No Follow Up Attempts

  1. Login to Follow Up Boss

  2. Click on People

  3. Click on Add a Filter

  4. Click on Text Sent

  5. Set Text Sent to Less Than 1

  6. Click on Calls Made

  7. Set Calls Made to Less Than 1

Optional Filters for Old Leads by Source like Zillow

  1. Click Add a Filter

  2. Select Source

  3. Select  source name like Zillow

Now you have a filtered list of contacts with no follow up attempts made.  Export these contacts into a CSV.

How to Export Contacts from Follow Up Boss CRM

  1. Click on Export

  2. Save CSV

You now have a CSV file of old leads to revive with CallAction. You can also upload contacts into a call list to use our dialer

Try a CallAction Revive Campaign to Re-Engage Old Leads Exported From Follow Up Boss

Signup for a free trial of CallAction to re-engage your old leads using our intelligent automation. 

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