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How to Check Lead Response Rates on Follow Up Boss
How to Check Lead Response Rates on Follow Up Boss

Setup Follow Up Boss reporting system to track lead engagement, real estate lead response rates and leads not acted on in your FUB CRM

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Add Lead Response Rates and Leads Not Acted On Reporting to Your Follow Up Boss CRM Dashboard

Are you spending money doing lead generation or buying real estate leads? Do you know your lead follow up response rates and how many leads are not being followed up on? 

Learn how to setup Follow Up Boss CRM lead reporting to see if you are losing valuable real estate lead opportunities.  

Quickly compare effectiveness of your follow up drip campaigns in Follow Up Boss vs. CallAction campaigns.

Low numbers on the FUB report are an indication of poor lead follow up.

Steps to Setup Follow Up Boss Lead Response Reports

  1. Login to Follow Up Boss CRM

  2. Click on Reporting

  3. Click on + Add Columns

  4. Scroll to Response Reports

  5. Select any or all of the following reporting fields:  
    % of leads responding
    % of leads responding by email
    % of leads responding by phone
    % of leads responding by text

  6. Click Update Columns

Tracking your lead response rates are critical to understanding your business and to compare against automated follow up and nurture campaign response rates in CallAction.

Is your real estate team wasting lead opportunities by not following up? 

Learn how you can track how many real estate leads your team is not following up on.
If you have a high number it will make sense for you to setup a CallAction + Follow Up Boss workflow to insure 100% of your leads are followed up with using intelligent automation. 

Higher the number on this FUB reporting the worse your lead follow up is. 

How to Setup Leads Not Acted On Reporting on Follow Up Boss CRM

  1. Login to Follow Up Boss CRM

  2. Click on Reporting

  3. Click on + Add Columns

  4. Scroll down to Not Acted On

  5. Select one or all of the following reporting options:
    Leads not acted on
    Leads not called
    Leads not emailed
    Leads not texted
    % of leads not acted on
    % of leads not emailed
    % of leads not called

  6. Click Update Columns

Now you have the tracking data to compare your lead engagement using Follow Up Boss vs. CallAction.

Do You Old Real Estate Leads Not Contacted in Follow Up Boss?

If you have a large percentage of leads not acted upon or low response rates, you maybe able to generate a lot of new business from those old leads using the CallAction revive campaign.  

Try to re-engage old leads using a CallAction lead re-activation campaign. If you are not currently a CallAction sales and marketing automation platform user, you can sign up for a free trial and immediately connect CallAction to Follow Up Boss via an API integration

Try a Free Trial of CallAction to Re-Engage Your Old Leads in Follow Up Boss

Use advanced text drip campaigns with Follow Up Boss leads and the CallAction platform with a sales dialer.

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