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How to Follow Up with Leads with a Revaluate Score over 80 in the FUB CRM
How to Follow Up with Leads with a Revaluate Score over 80 in the FUB CRM

Free guide to setup your Follow Up Boss CRM Smart List for Revaluate real estate leads to quickly follow up using Revaluate text campaign

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How to Follow Up with Revaluate Real Estate Leads

Do you have a Follow Up Boss CRM full of old leads monitored by the Revaluate machine learning algorithms to score likely movers?

revaluate real estate leads

Use the CallAction FUB embedded app, our Revaluate campaign with this smart list to easily follow up long term with likely movers.

This how to guide will show you the 3 step process

  • Activate Revaluate API to monitor your Follow Up Boss contacts

  • Setup your Follow Up Boss Smart List view with the Revaluate score column

  • Add likely movers to CallAction and trigger the revaluate drip campaign

Let's get started.

Setup a Follow Up Boss API key for the Revaluation Integration

  1. Login to your Follow Up Boss

  2. Click Admin

  3. Click More

  4. Click API

  5. Click Create API

  6. Name it Revaluate

  7. Click Create

  8. Copy your FollowUp Boss API key.

Next, you will use the new FUB Revaluate API key in your Revaluate account.

revaluate real estate website

Setup Revaluate API with Follow Up Boss CRM

Once you have your Follow Up Boss API key, you are ready to setup the revaluate integration.

  1. Login to Revaluate

  2. Click on Import Contacts

  3. Click on Import Follow Up Boss Contacts

  4. Paste your Follow Up Boss Revaluate API key

  5. Click Submit

You will need to wait one day until the initial import is completed and likely movers scored. After that, the revaluate score is updated daily.

Setup Follow Up Boss Smart List for Revaluate Scores and Last Marketing Text

  1. Login to Follow Up Boss CRM

  2. Click on People

  3. Click on Columns

  4. Click on Custom

  5. Check Revaluate field

  6. Click on Text

  7. Check the Last Marketing Text Reply

This will add a revaluate column in the Follow Up Boss view for you to filter and create custom smart lists. This will also display the last marketing text reply so you can view CallAction responses directly in FUB will working your smart list.

We are assuming you already have CallAction integrated with your Follow Up Boss CRM and have the embedded app turned on and moved to the top right of Follow Up Boss.

Import the Revaluate Drip Campaign into Your CallAction Campaigns

You will need to import the revaluate template into your CallAction account.

  1. Click here

  2. Click on Lead: Revaluate

  3. Click on Use Campaign

  4. Click on Import Campaign

Now your campaign is in CallAction.

Next, we will setup the Follow Up Boss smart list for the revaluate lead workflow with CallAction.

Create Your CallAction Revaluate Smart List in Follow Up Boss

  1. Login to Follow Up Boss CRM

  2. Click on People

  3. Re-order your FUB Smart List columns as follows:
    a) Last Marketing Text Reply
    b) Revaluate Score (Note: Sort from 9-0 / high to low)
    c) Properties Viewed
    d) Properties Saved
    e) Last Visit
    f) Pages Viewed
    g) Last Communication

  4. Click on Filter

  5. Select Revaluate Score
    a) Enter Greater than 80

    Revaluate real estate score
  6. Select Last Communication
    a) More than 30 days ago

  7. Select Stages
    a) Include only the stages you want to follow up with, i.e. Hot, Nurture, etc

  8. Select Tags
    a) Include Phone is Good

  9. Select Tags
    a) Exclude Do Not Contact, AI_Not_Interested, etc.
    b) Exclude Leads: Revaluate (note: will only appear after you assign a Leads Revaluate campaign to an initial contact, this creates a dynamic list of only leads not on a running campaign)

  10. Click Save List

  11. Enter CallAction Revaluate Campaign

  12. Click Save

Now you have a dynamic smart list of contacts who will appear on the list when they have a Revaluate score over 80.

You can quickly see if they are visiting your IDX site, when their last visit was and the last time you communicated with them.

You are now ready to start following up with these high-intent likely to move leads using CallAction's 24 step 140 day follow up campaign.
Use the CallAction Follow Up Boss Smart List workflow.

Add Revaluate Contacts to CallAction to Start Drip Campaign

  1. Login to Follow Up Boss CRM

  2. Click on CallAction Revaluate Campaign Smart List

  3. Click on the first contact on the list

  4. Select your CallAction phone number

  5. Click Add Contact

  6. Click on Drip Campaigns

  7. Select Leads Revaluate

  8. Click Okay

  9. Click on the > arrow to move to next contact

  10. Repeat steps until the smart list is done.

If you setup the tags exclude Leads Revaluate all of the leads that you just added to the campaign will now be removed since the drip campaign is already assigned.

Check back daily as newly scored leads over 80 will appear on the list.

Are You Using Revaluate and Follow Up Boss?

Need a scalable way to follow up with w/ your Revaluate AI identified highly likely to move clients without leveraging an ISA or your time? Book a CallAction demo and we will setup a free trial to sho you how follow up with your leads using this workflow.

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