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Working your Follow Up Boss Smart Lists with CallAction
Working your Follow Up Boss Smart Lists with CallAction

Tutorial shows best practices on how to quickly follow up with your FUB smart lists using CallAction drip campaigns and the embedded app.

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3 Step Follow Up Boss Smart List Workflow

Smart lists allow you to filter your Follow Up Boss leads and save them into organized lists for daily follow up tasks of calling, texting, and emailing.

Automate your CRM smart list lead follow-up tasks using CallAction drip campaigns to do the work of sending text messages and leaving voicemails which is the outcome of your lead follow-up tasks nearly 80-90% of the time. That is a lot of wasted time and effort.

You will easily save hours per day and insure consistent follow-up to increase lead conversion. Eliminate the tedious, repetitive tasks

3 Step Workflow for FUB Smart Lists using CallAction App

  1. Select a Follow Up Boss Smart List

  2. Assign a CallAction drip campaign

  3. Click on Next Person >

This streamlined workflow can work for all of your FUB smart lists. We have prewritten drip campaign templates for different lists like your Ylopo ypriority leads, Zillow nurtures, revaluate, or old leads to revive, and longer-term follow-up.

You'll need to have the following setup:

Let's get you following up with leads at scale.

How to Follow Up with Smart List Leads using CallAction

Start by the login to Follow Up Boss.

  1. Click on People

  2. Select the Smart List

  3. Click on the first person in your smart list

Once you are in the contact record, CallAction will check to see if the contact exists in CallAction currently.

4. if Contact doesn't exist, you need to create the contact in CallAction

5. Select and assign the appropriate CallAction Drip Campaign
(NOTE: You must have expressed written consent from the contact to assign a campaign)

6. Click on the > to select the next Person in the Smart List

7. Repeat the follow-up process above with the next contact

The entire workflow takes about 15 secs per lead to assign a drip campaign that will do the 8-10 follow up task that typically takes to connect with a contact and have a conversation.

Normally, manually doing each follow-up tasks 2-3 mins, so automation can save 15-30 mins per lead. If you have 100 leads in your database, that would be 3,000 mins or 50 hours.

Use Drip Campaigns to Automate your Lead Follow Up

Once you have a conversation with a contact, then apply the next drip campaign in the ultimate follow-up process we call ICON. Eliminate the outbound sales efforts and switch your business to inbound conversation.

Need to Add Text Messaging Drip Campaigns to Follow Up Boss?

If you are not currently a CallAction client, you can set up a free trial today and we can start by reviving your old leads.

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