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How to Follow Up with Saved Property Alerts in Follow Up Boss using CallAction
How to Follow Up with Saved Property Alerts in Follow Up Boss using CallAction

Saved property alerts are a good indicator of buyer intent. Use this workflow to automate the follow up using a CallAction drip campaign

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Set Up Saved Property Alerts Workflow

Clients who save properties on your website are showing high intent. Following up on the saved property alerts in real-time can help you create more conversations and close more sales.

CallAction has created a custom drip campaign messaging template and FUB automation workflow to help you automate this workflow.

Let's get you started by first getting the template into your account.

Get Saved Property Alert Drip Campaign

Import the Saved Property alert campaign into your CallAction campaigns window.

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Tools

  3. Click on Drip Campaigns

  4. Click on Templates

  5. Click on Follow Up: Saved Property Alerts

  6. Click on Import button

  7. Click on Save

You will now have the CallAction saved property alert drip campaign template in your account. You can use as-is or edit the message types or message schedule.

Next, set up a Follow Up Boss Smart LIst for Property Alerts and use the CallAction embedded app.

This will work for Ylpoo, Real Estate Webmaster sites, or any IDX that is pushing data into Follow Up Boss using the pixel into the Properties Save column.

How to Setup Follow Up Boss Smart List for Saved Property Alerts

  1. Login to Follow Up Boss

  2. Click on People

  3. Click on Columns

  4. Click on Website Activity

  5. Click check box Properties Saved

  6. Click on Filters (left side)

  7. Select Properties Saved

  8. Check is Greater Than

  9. Enter 1

  10. Click Save List

  11. Name CallAction Save Properties

You will now have a list of of all people / contacts who have saved a property on your IDX website. Be sure to move the Saved Properties column to far left table next to your last marketing text column for quick reference.

Save Property Follow Up Boss Automation & Action Plan

We have created a shared automation an action with email sequence for this saved properties workflow.

Pro Tip: Make your smart list dynamic by excluding contacts/people that have already been assigned the CallAction Follow Up Saved Properties campaign using the exclude tag filter.

Interested in using Automation to Follow Up with Saved Property Alerts?

The workflow above streamlines your workflows but advanced users can completely automate the process using Zapier. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us via the live chat at bottom right.

Looking for Text Campaigns for Follow Up Boss?

If you are a FUB CRM user and are looking to add text drip campaigns to your Follow Up Boss workflows, the CallAction embedded app is your seamless FUB text message solution. We offer a free trial to help you initially revive your old opted-in leads and get to ROI quickly.

Start a free trial below or book a CallAction demo call first to see how we can help you.

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