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Follow Up Boss Automations
Follow Up Boss Automations

Learn more about Follow Up Boss automations created and shared by CallAction. Use these Follow Up Boss automations in your lead workflow.

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How to Use Follow Up Boss Automations

Below is a list of available FUB automations created by CallAction to streamline your lead follow-up workflow.

Follow Up Boss Automations shared by CallAction

These are designed to be used with the CallAction + Follow Up Boss workflow to extend our text drip campaigns to include notes for best practices and timed emails sent from your Follow Up Boss account.

Shared Follow Up Boss Automations for Text Drip Campaigns

Review our list of shared Follow UP Boss automations.

Check back frequently as we update our text messaging plans and shared automations.

Add Text Drip Campaigns to Follow Up Boss

Looking to send automated text drip campaigns from Follow Boss? Learn about the CallAction +. Follow Up Boss app by booking a CallAction demo today.
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