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How to Follow Up with Ylopo Returned Leads in Follow Up Boss with CallAction
How to Follow Up with Ylopo Returned Leads in Follow Up Boss with CallAction

Learn how to engage Ylopo real estate leads tagged as Returned in Follow Up Boss using prewritten CallAction drip campaign and embedded app

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Assign Drip Campaigns to Ylopo Returned Leads in Follow Up Boss

Use this CallAction workflow with our FUB embedded app to quickly and efficiently follow up with Ylopo real estate leads tagged as Returned.

We have created a free, proven text drip campaign to help you engage these Ylopo leads and convert them to sales which you can find in our drip campaign templates.

This 17 step campaign will follow-up for 75 days and gets over 40% of leads responding to you without ever having to make an outbound call or scheduling manual follow-ups in your FUB Task List.

Get Ylopo + Follow Up Boss + CallAction Workflow PDF

  • Text 'Ylopo Returned' to (515) 375-5550

What is Ylopo Returned Leads?

According to the Ylopo help docs above:

  • RETURNED is a lead who has returned to your home search site after initial website registration.

Why Follow Up with Ylopo Returned Leads?

These leads have visited your Ylopo real estate website and likely bounced off-site after one-page visit. This is similar to the BoomTown Now bar leads.

Many of these users will NOT take enough action to fire the Ylopo YPRIORITY Alert.

The return visit does show some user intent and it's a good opportunity to follow-up at scale, especially with the right message at the right time.

These are some of the most common tagged Ylopo real estate leads in your Follow Up Boss CRM and present an excellent opportunity to further engage your Ylopo leads to generate high-quality conversations.

Overview of Ylopo Returned Lead Follow Up Workflow in FUB with CallAction

Here's what you'll need to complete this workflow.

  1. Get our free prewritten drip campaign template, Leads: Ylopo Returned
    (or create your GGMS or Robby T / Hatch drip campaigns in CallAction)

  2. Record the first ringless voicemail message for the drip campaign.

    "Hi, it's (name) of (company). I'm calling today to follow up on an inquiry you made on Facebook. Please call or text me at this number when you have a moment"

  3. Filter Your Ylopo Leads in Follow Up Boss to start assigning drip campaigns. Advanced users can create stage-specific FUB Smart Lists to streamline follow-up.

  4. Respond to the leads, then based on the outcome of the conversation re-assign another follow-up drip campaign to continue conversations in the future.

We will assume you have the FUB app installed, the Ylopo Returned drip campaign imported and edited with your voicemail for the rest of this Ylopo + Follow Up Boss + CallAction workflow.

How to Filter Follow Up Boss for Ylopo Returned Leads

The right message to the right people is the most important part of sales and marketing. We'll show you how to correctly filter for Ylopo Returned leads in your FUB CRM now.

  1. Login to Follow Up Boss CRM

  2. Click on People

  3. Click on Filters on far-right of screen

  4. Select Source

  5. Select Includes Ylopo

  6. Select Tags

  7. Select Includes RETURNED

That will give you all of the leads that have returned by the list is not narrow enough filter.

Next we must exclude all leads that triggered other Ylopo tags as we are looking for ONLY leads that RETURNED to the site and nothing else.

We do have a workflow for your Ylopo YPRIORITY leads here.

Setup Exclude Filter for only Ylopo RETURNED Leads

This is an extremely important part of the campaign to limit only the returning leads.

  1. Select Tags

  2. Select Exclude

  3. Select YPRIORITY

  4. Click the dot with the + sign and add all of the following other tags (see image above)

    + AI_Needs_Follow_Up
    + AI_Not_Interested
    + AI_Interested
    + AI_Engaged
    + NOTEXT
    + Unsubscribed

  5. Your complete exclude tags list should like the image above

Next, you can further refine your Follow Up Boss list to exclude any leads that have had a communication within a certain amount of time like 30 days.

  1. Select Last Communication

  2. Select was more than 30 days

Now, you have your initial list of Ylopo Returned leads to follow-up with. You can save this list as a Follow Up Boss Smart List to make it easy to return to assign campaigns to matching leads (persons).

  1. Click on Manage List + button

  2. Add description CallAction - Ylopo Returned Leads

  3. Save

You are ready to start sending Ylopo leads into CallAction using the embedded app and assigning the CallAction Ylopo Returned drip campaign.

Next, you must have imported the Leads: Ylopo Returned campaign into your CallAction drip campaign interface.

How to Assign the CallAction Ylopo Returned Drip Campaign in FUB App

You will need to have enabled the CallAction embedded app for the following steps and also connected your FUB API integration.

  1. Click on your first person (lead / contact) in the Ylopo Returned filter or Smartlist

  2. Add the Contact into CallAction if not currently in CallAction

  3. Assign the Leads: Ylopo Returned Drip Campaign

  4. Click the next Person >

  5. Repeat process

We recommend you only do 20 - 30 per day from your old Ylopo leads that match the filter as to not get overwhelmed.

Real-time leads matching the SmartList should be assigned as quickly as possible. If you are versed in using Zapier, you can build a Zap to automate this process.

Are You a Ylopo + Follow Up Boss User?

Try this workflow free when you signup for a CallAction free trial. You can setup a free account and activate the Follow Up Boss embedded app in less than 15 mins.

Learn more about using Follow Up Boss and the CallAction embedded app from Ylopo's realtor in residence Barry Jenkins and Follow Up Boss founder Dan Corkill.

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