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How to Follow Up with Ylopo YPriority Leads with Follow Up Boss and CallAction
How to Follow Up with Ylopo YPriority Leads with Follow Up Boss and CallAction
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Ylopo YPRIORITY Lead Follow Up System

A lead that has completed some action(s) that indicates high home search activity and/or a request for more information is automatically tagged as YPRIORITY by Ylopo in Follow Up Boss.

These actions convey high-intent than the Ylopo Returned leads (although less of them, Ylopo estimates ) and should be followed up with as quickly as possible while they are on the site and searching for homes for sale is top of mind for them.

Right message, at the right time, increases lead responses
and ultimately lead conversions.

Automate Agent Follow Up of YPRIORITY Leads

Use the CallAction Ylopo YPriority drip campaign with ringless voicemails and text messages (including GIFs) to automate the outbound lead follow-up from the assigned agent or inhouse ISA.

This lead follow-up system assumes you are using Follow Up Boss (although can work for any Ylopo CRM partner, like Firepoint, Sierra Interactive, etc).

You should also have the CallAction app embedded into Follow Up Boss CRM.

Import the CallAction prewritten Ylopo YPRIORITY Drip Campaign

You'll need to import the drip campaign template into your CallAction account.

  1. Login to

  2. Click on Tools

  3. Click on Drip Campaigns

  4. Click on Templates

  5. Scroll & click on Leads: Ylopo YPriority campaign

  6. Click on Use Campaign

  7. Click on Import

We recommend you personalize it by using the Contact First Name merge field and adding links to your Ylopo website in some of the text messages.

How to Filter FUB for Ylopo YPRIORITY Leads using Tags

Next, we need to filter the Follow Up Boss CRM by tags to find the YPRIORTY leads.

  1. Login to Follow Up Boss CRM

  2. Click on People

  3. Click on Filters on far-right of screen

  4. Select Source

  5. Select Includes Ylopo

  6. Select Tags

  7. Select Includes YPRIORITY

This will give you a list of all recent YPRIORTY leads. You can sort the FUB columns by Last Communication so that you can quickly see how many you get each day.

We want to make sure that we are following up with the right leads at the right time, so we can expand the filters to exclude specific leads with tags that are not really ready at the moment or have opted out of other communication.

Note that we have added some tags in this list to exclude because we also have specific campaigns for some like AI_ENGAGE, HANDRAISER leads.

  1. Select Tags

  2. Select Exclude

  3. Select Unsubscribed

  4. Click the dot with the + sign and add all of the following other tags

    + AI_Needs_Follow_Up
    + AI_Not_Interested
    + AI_Interested
    + AI_Engaged
    + NOTEXT

  5. You can also add others if you want to refine the list further, such as these Ylopo tags:

    + 6_TO_12_MONTHS

This will keep your lead follow-up hyper-focused on the highest intent leads but also limit some possible opportunities.

Create a Follow Up Boss Smartlist of Ylopo Ypriority Leads

Streamline your lead follow up process by saving this Ylopo Ypriority leads filter as a FUB Smartlist.

  1. Click on Manage List + button

  2. Add description CallAction - Ylopo Ypriority Leads

  3. Save

Assign Ylopo Ypriority Lead Drip Campaigns via CallAction App

You are ready to start automating the follow-up of this Ylopo high priority leads. We recommend using this Follow Up Boss embedded app workflow.

Add FUB Contact / Ylopo Lead to CallAction
  1. Click on your first person (lead / contact) in the Ylopo Ypriority filter or Smartlist

  2. Add the Contact into CallAction if lead not currently in CallAction

  3. Assign the Leads: Ylopo High Priority Drip Campaign

  4. Click the next Person >

  5. Repeat process

If you are initially behind in following up with these Ylopo leads, you can do everyone on your list. Once you are caught up, we recommend assigning the Ylopo drip campaigns in real-time.

You can automate the process by building a Zapier integration between Follow Up Boss and CallAction using the same tags to send leads and assign drip campaigns.

Respond and Nurture Ylopo Leads

As your Ypriortiy leads respond, you can continue the conversation by texting from the same phone number directly in FUB which also syncs into the CRM.

You can also make outbound calls using the same CallAction number (or dialer when working alot of leads) to not confuse the clients, which can be recorded and transcribed as notes into the CRM automatically via the API.

  1. Respond to the leads via text or call back

  2. Use the Schedule text option if leads stops responding

  3. Tag leads based on outcome of conversation

  4. Assign a long-term nurture campaign based on outcome

All leads should always be on a follow up drip campaign going forward.

Are You a Ylopo + Follow Up Boss CRM User?

Try a free trial of CallAction to setup this workflow. In just 15 mins, you can set up a free account and activate the Follow Up Boss embedded app to start following up with your Ylopo YPRIORTY leads.

Learn about CallAction + Follow Up Boss in this video and check out reviews from top real estate agents like Ylopo's Barry Jenkins.

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