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First Name, Last Name, Full Name Drip Campaign Merge Field
First Name, Last Name, Full Name Drip Campaign Merge Field

Learn how to personalize your drip campaigns using the contacts first name, last name or full name.

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Contact Name Merge Fields

Create personalized drip campaigns using a contacts name with our intelligent name merge field solution. You have three options to merge a contact's name:

  • Contact First Name

  • Contact Last Name

  • Contact Full Name

These fields give you the ability to create highly personalized and authentic campaigns that get the highest response rates possible in a smart way.

AI-Powered Name Replacement for Bad Words

Consumers often fill out forms with less than appropriate "Names". Nothing is worse than texting someone...

CallAction uses intelligent AI-powered name replacement with a fallback option.

  • "Hi Leave Me Alone! Are you free for a call?" > "Hi there! Are you free for a call?"

Our AI solution will verify names in real-time and gives you options to select a "fallback" replacement if their is a match to over 2K bad words or less than appropriate "name" field.

Name Replacement Best Practices

The name fields can be used in any drip campaign you create.

We recommend using them primarily on drip campaigns where a user is filling out a form and you have a high degree of certainty it's correct.

We do not recommend using name fields in drip campaigns used primarily for phone calls.

How to Use the Name Merge Fields

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Tools

  3. Click on Drip Campaign

  4. Click on green Edit Drip Campaign button

  5. Place cursor were you want to insert merge field

  6. Click on Merge Field button

  7. Search for "Contact_First_Name", "Contact_Last_Name" and "Contact_Full_Name"

  8. Double click on the name field to use and it will be inserted in the campaign.

Set the Fallback replacement

If the name is suspect, you can set the fallback to replace option. The default option is to leave it blank, so keep that in mind when writing your campaigns. We do provide you some other options as you can see from the image below

  • Blank = is empty and no extra space is added

Make sure your selected fallback will make sense in your message if the name is replaced.

You can learn more about drip campaign merge fields by clicking on the help icon also. When you combine the name with our powerful message scheduling, you can create high converting campaigns with ease.

Check out our drip campaign templates you can modify using name fields.

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