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Attach Drip Campaign to a Contact
Attach Drip Campaign to a Contact

Learn How to Automatically Follow-Up with Contacts by Attaching a Drip Campaign. You Can Assign a Specific Drip Campaign to a Single Contact

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Assign a Drip Campaign to a Contact in just 2 clicks

Automate your lead follow-up and nurturing with custom CallAction drip campaigns. You assign a drip campaign (or use an existing template) based on the outcome of the last conversation or use it to follow-up with old leads already in your CallAction account.

Assign a Drip Campaign from Desktop

Follow these steps to assign a drip campaign to a specific contact / lead. 

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Conversations

  3. Select the Contact

  4. Click on  Actions on top right

  5. Scroll down to Drip Campaigns

  6. Select your drip campaign from drop down

  7. Click Ok on the popup to confirm drip.

Drip campaign will be immediately assigned to that specific contact and start based on the delay of your first drip campaign step. You may stop any existing drip campaign to assign a different campaign as needed.

Assign a Drip Campaign from Mobile

Steps to assign a drip campaign to a contact using the mobile web app. These steps assume you are inside of a specific contact record based on the text

  1. Select Conversation

  2. Click blue Actions in top right

  3. Select your Drip Campaign

  4. Click Ok


Your drip campaign is immediately assigned and will start running. You can stop a drip campaign and reassign a new campaign anytime.

Try CallAction Drip Campaigns Risk-Free for 45 Days

If you are not currently using CallAction drip campaigns, you may signup for a free 14-day trial in less than 10 mins. You'll get 14 days free and we also offer a 30 day, 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee after your first billing cycle. 

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