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Bulk Assign Drip Campaigns
Bulk Assign Drip Campaigns

Learn how to bulk assign drip campaigns in CallAction to follow-up and nurture existing leads using filtered lists.

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Apply Drip Campaigns in Bulk to Contacts

Do you have contacts that are not currently on a nurture drip campaign? Learn how you can quickly apply a drip campaign to list of contacts to automatically follow-up with existing leads using our intelligent scheduling.

Overview of Bulk Action Workflow 

You can select any of your existing drip campaigns to nurture your leads. CallAction will use our intelligent scheduling to insure maximum deliverability without overwhelming you with responses. 

1. Select Contacts using a Filter

First you'll need to save the contacts you want to assign a drip campaign into a custom list. 

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Conversations

  3. Filter Contacts by phone, tags, drip campaign status, etc.

  4. Enter a List Name

  5. Save List of Contacts to apply bulk drip campaign

2. Select Existing Contact List

If you already have lists of contacts you can select it to bulk apply drip campaign.

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Conversations

  3. Click on List button

  4. Select a List

Next, you'll apply the bulk action using Apply Nurture Campaign. You also have bulk action options like starting a call session using the dialer or applying tags.

3. Apply Campaign in Bulk to Contacts in List

  1. Select a Drip Campaign from the auto-suggest

  2. Click Save & Start Nurture campaign

Manage Running Existing Contacts Nurture Campaign

You can manage running existing contact nurture campaigns to slow down or increase delivery cadence, pause or end the follow-up drip campaigns. 

  1. Click on Tools

  2. Click on Nurture Campaigns

  3. Select Campaign to Edit

  4. Edit assignment cadence

  5. Save campaign changes

View our existing drip campaign templates or learn how to create your own drip campaign using our advance message types and message scheduling

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