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How to add, merge, delete tags in CallAction. View and edit all tags across entire system and see which contacts have tags assigned to them.

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How to Manage Tags in CallAction

Tags are a powerful solution to manage & filter your contacts.

Our tagging system allows you to tag contacts and conversations with your own custom tags. You can add multiple tags, edit, delete and also merge tags. 

Where to Manage Tags

Here's instructions to access the page to manage tags across the entire CallAction system. 

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on your Name in top left (mobile is top right) to access drop down menu.

  3. Click on Manage Tags

From this tag settings page, you can now add, merge, edit or delete tags. Below we will cover each item. 

Add New Tags

You can do a bulk upload to add multiple tags via a CSV list. This is useful for importing tags from your existing CRM. 

You have two options to add tags to CallAction.

  1. Click on Manage Tags
    a) Add one tag per line.
    b) Add multiple tags separated with a comma delimited list. (e.g.  tag one, tag two, three, four, five, six)

  2. Click Save New Tags 

Now, all your newly added tags are available to be selected to attach to a contact using the search & select drop down tool. 

Merge Tags

You may occasionally need to merge overlapping tags to keep your tags list clean. Here's how to merge tags from one tag to another. 

  1. Click on Manage Tags

  2. New pop-up window will appear with merge tool

  3. Click on Merge of the tag you want to merge with another

  4. Select the new tag from the search & select drop down list to merge current selection into. This will automatically update all existing tags attached to contacts.

  5. Click Merge

Now you old tag (From) is merged into your new tag (To)

Edit Tags

You may need to edit or rename a tag in CallAction without merging it into another. This updates the tag name across all contacts. 

  1. Click on Manage Tags

  2. Scroll to Manage Tag section

  3. Click Edit next to Tag you wish to edit or rename (note: you can use the search tool to find tags)

  4. Edit the tag as needed in the text box

  5. Click Save

Next, you may want to actually delete tags that are not being used. 

Delete Tags

  1. Click on Manage Tags

  2. Scroll to Manage Tag section

  3. Click the red Delete trashcan icon next to Tag you wish to delete
    (Note: you can use the search tool to find tags. Review the count next to the tag to see all contacts with the tag attached)

  4. This will pop-up an "Are you sure" message to avoid errors. 

  5. Click Yes

Done, you should now be able to quickly and easily add, merge, edit and delete tags in CallAction.

Next, learn how you can automatically add tags to leads at your campaign level for both calls and email leads to streamline your workflow. 

You can also learn how to tag contacts in the conversation view and also filter contacts.

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