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Create and Add a Tag into a CRM using Campaigns
Create and Add a Tag into a CRM using Campaigns

Streamline your CRM workflow by using CallAction drip campaigns to create and add a tag into your CRM and contacts based on a time delay.

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How to Create a Tag using Drip Campaign Automation 

Do you tag contacts in your CRM based on inactivity or time? Are you spending time managing your CRM tagging leads as HOT when they are new COLD as they get older? 

Create powerful, automated workflows using drip campaigns and API integrated CRM. Some examples of workflows:

  • Tag Contacts in CallAction to start a new drip campaign with Start tags feature

  • Tag a Contact in Follow up Boss or other CRMs to start a new action plan

  • Tag Lead based on age or amount of time non-responsive

This automated workflow allows you to do time-delayed scheduled tags. Use the email parser to capture leads in CallAction and sync to your CRM. 

How to Automatically Create a Tag in a Drip Campaign

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Tools

  3. Create New or Edit existing drip campaign

Next, you are ready to select the "Create Tag" option in the drip campaign. 

Select the Create Tag Message Type in Drip Campaign

  1. Select Time Delay of Campaign

  2. Select Create Tag option from campaign type drop-down list

  3. Enter a new Tag (or select from auto-suggest list) that will be created

When drip campaign reaches the step, CallAction will create the tag and push to integrated CRMs

Automatically Tags Contacts in CallAction

  • Contact will be tagged automatically in CallAction 

  • Tag is pushed to API integrated CRMs

  • Create multiple tags at different times in contact history

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