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Schedule Zapier Zaps
Schedule Zapier Zaps

Learn how to schedule zapier zaps on a specified time delay interval vs a trigger within a CallAction drip campaign workflow.

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Create a Zapier scheduled Zaps

Build a drip campaign with time scheduled Zapier Zaps. Leverage Zapier and CallAction automations to execute zaps into the future if a contact doesn't respond to a drip campaign.

Scheduled Zapier Zap Use Cases 

  • Update a contact status in a CRM based on inactivity

  • Schedule Google sheet updates

  • Update Trello or project tracking systems

You can get Zapier Zap workflow ideas from any of these Zapbooks

Steps to Set up a Scheduled Zapier Zap with CallAction

Basic steps to include a Zap in your drip campaigns.

Once you have integrated Zapier and have created a Zap you are now ready to add a scheduled zap to you drip campaign.

Create or Edit a CallAction Drip Campaign to Add a Zapier Zap

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Tools

  3. Click Create or select an existing drip campaign to edit

How to Add Scheduled Zapier Zap 

  1. Select Start Zap in campaign message type

  2. Select the Zap you want to trigger

  3. Click Save / Update Campaign

Done setting up a scheduled zap! 

You drip campaign will now trigger the selected zapier zap at the scheduled time. If a contact responds to the drip campaign and causes the campaign to be paused or cancelled, the scheduled Zapier Zap will not be triggered. 

Use this powerful workflow option with our create tag option and start tag automation setting to create time-saving automated workflows.

Try a Scheduled Zapier Zap Automation with CallAction Free Trial

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