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StreetText Zapier

Learn how to setup a StreetText Zapier Zap to send your StreetText real estate leads into CallAction for automated drip campaign follow-up

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StreetText offers a powerful platform to easily create Facebook real estate leads for buyers and sellers. They have proven Facebook real estate ad templates that generate leads that will need immediate follow-up and long-term engagement.

Get Automated Speed to Lead Text Follow Up & Long Term Nurture

Improve your real estate lead conversion of StreetText Facebook leads by sending leads into CallAction real estate lead follow up platform and automatically start an advanced voice, text drip campaign. CallAction has API integrations with all of the top real estate CRM's to send the imported StreetText leads directly into without any additional workflows.

How to Export StreetText Real Estate Leads with Zapier

StreetText real estate lead platform offers two primary ways to export captured leads which are via the StreetText email parse settings and Zapier New Lead Zap which is shown below.

Setup a StreetText Zapier Integration

  1. Login to Zapier to build Zap

  2. Click Make Zap

  3. Enter StreetText in Choose App & Event

  4. Choose Trigger New Lead

  5. Select your StreetText account

  6. Enter Zap name, StreetText >

  7. Click Test Trigger

Done, that will now pull in the new Facebook lead data generated from your StreetText Facebook ad campaign.

Next, we need to push the new real estate lead into using a Zapier.

  1. Select from App drop-down

  2. Select Create Contact from Action

  3. Select the CallAction Phone Number to assign new StreetText leads to. (required)

  4. Contacts Phone Number enter StreetText Phone field (required)

  5. Enter the StreetText Email merge field (optional)

  6. Enter StreetText First Name merge field (optional)

  7. Enter StreetText Last Name merge field (optional)

  8. Enter StreetText Street name merge field (optional)

  9. Assign Drip Campaign, select the CallAction drip campaign you want to use

  10. Tags, recommend entering, StreetText, Facebook_Lead, and StreetText Tags merge field

  11. Note, you can merge in any additional fields (see Zapier image)

  12. Select Yes to Update contact in CallAction if already exists

  13. Click Continue to Finish

  14. Turn ON new StreetText to CallAction Zap

Done, now new StreetText real estate leads are sent into CallAction and the selected text drip campaign will start automatically. If you have a CallAction CRM integration, the leads will also be sent to your CRM.

Pro Tip: Setup Filters to only import specific leads from StreetText into CallAction and assign specific drip campaigns.

Build Advanced Drip Campaigns to Follow Up with StreetText Facebook Leads

Use our pre-built drip campaigns or build your own advanced drip campaign with ringless voicemail, video, image (& gifs) text campaigns, and automations in CallAction.

Our advanced automated message types and scheduling let you create authentic automation's that improve your sales engagement and lead conversions.

Follow Up with Your StreetText Leads with a Free Trial

Setup a free trial of CallAction in less than 5 mins and setup this Zapier Zap workflow to start converting your leads.

Check out our reviews and what Tom Ferry has to say about CallAction as one of 10 recommended systems for your real estate business.

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