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Drip Campaign Interface
Drip Campaign Interface

Learn the Available Settings for the CallAction Drip Campaign UI Designed to Help You Automatically Capture, Engage & Track Your Every Lead

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View CallAction's New Drip Campaign Builder User Interface

CallAction is the most advanced lead to call, text, voicemail drip campaign automation solution available. We provide you with powerful marketing automation to instantly capture, engage and follow-up with 100% inbound leads across the three primary communication channels: 

  • Phone Calls

  • Email Leads / Form Fills  

  • Text Messages

Below you will learn each of the available settings to create highly customized lead nurture and follow-up drip campaigns.

Tour the CallAction Drip Campaign Interface

  • Drip Campaign Name: Enter a custom, descriptive name for your new drip campaign. You may create multiple drip campaigns.

  • Send Drips: Select days of the week you would like to send drips. Options are 7 days a week, Mon - Sat or Mon - Fri only.

  • Time Delay: Increment of time to start drip campaign from initial receipt of lead or if overnight, after 8am. It will also show the unit of time delay between drips. You have 16 different options to schedule intervals between drip text messages and voicemail drops.

  • Type: Select one of 7 different types of messages to be sent in your drip campaign.

    Audio Text: MMS text message with an audio file attachment
    Image Text: MMS text message with image attachment
    Text Only: Plain SMS text message (emoji enabled)
    Text Reminder: Sends plain text to our user as a reminder
    vCard Text: Sends you contact information as a vCard attachment
    Video Text: Native MMS video text that opens directly in text message window. Limited by cell carriers to maximum 500kb in size (about 15 secs recording)
    Voice Message: Direct to voicemail message 

  • Message: This is text message body which can also include emojis 🤓 for maximum personalization. Text messages longer than 160 characters will count as 2 individual touch messages as per mobile carrier.

  • Media: Select video, image or audio file attachments from your media library.

  • Add Step: Add next drip step.

  • Time Zone: Select the time for specific timezone for the drip campaign.

  • After Hours: This is alternate first drip message that is sent if lead was received after hours between 9pm and 8am. You can personalize this message to reference receiving the lead after hours.

    The combination of these settings allows you to create hundreds of different types of personalized marketing automation follow-up campaigns & lead nurture campaigns that create the highest lead engagement and conversion rates possible.

Build your first custom drip campaign now.

Not Currently Using CallAction to Capture, Track and Respond to Leads?

CallAction is an intelligent marketing automation platform engineered to help increase lead conversions and engagement via lead to call automation. The system captures, engages and tracks leads from the three primary forms of communication, calls, emails and text messages. We offer a free 14-day trial and personal one on one demo.

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