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How to Schedule a Drip Campaign to Start at a Later Date in Follow Up Boss
How to Schedule a Drip Campaign to Start at a Later Date in Follow Up Boss

Delay the start of drip campaign using the CallAction scheduled campaign solution in the Follow Up Boss CRM embedded app.

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Send a Drip Campaign Later with Scheduling

Send the right campaign to the right person, at the right time with the CallAction campaign scheduler.

Why Use a Scheduled Drip Campaign?

Use this workflow to automate future follow-up using prewritten automated campaigns for your workflows such as:

  • Anniversary / birthdays campaigns

  • Upcoming events / webinars

  • Follow-up on the exact date and time a contact requests

You are limited only by your creativity. Here's an example workflow using the Facebook Birthday calendar page.

How to Schedule a Campaign to Start Later

  1. Login to Follow Up Boss

  2. Click on a Contact / Person

  3. Add them to CallAction if not already in system.

  4. Click on the Clock Icon next to Drip Campaign

  5. Pick Date & Time to Start Campaign

  6. Select the Drip Campaign to be Sent

  7. Click Yes to launch

How Do Scheduled Campaigns Work?

Here is an example use of the scheduled campaign. You create a campaign and the first drip campaign step starts in 1 min from the assignment (trigger), then the second step is scheduled for 2 days later at 9:05 am.

If you schedule the campaign to start 90 days from today at 4:50 pm. The first step will start in 90 days from today at 4:51 pm (4:50 pm + 1 min for the first step). The second step will be on day 92 at 9:05 am.

Scheduled campaigns allow you the ultimate personalization for follow-up.

Need to Automate Your Follow-Up?

If you are in sales or marketing and losing sales opportunities because you are overwhelmed by follow-up tasks in your CRM, CallAction can help you.

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