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How to Schedule a Campaign
How to Schedule a Campaign

Learn how to trigger a drip campaign to start on a future date and time to automate your lead follow-up workflow using CallAction

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Start a Campaign on a Specific Date & Time

Do you want to use the same campaign but have it start on different dates and times in the future for each individual contact?

Schedule a follow-up campaign on the exact date & time your contact wishes eliminating future overwhelming tasks as you get busier.

Most campaigns start when assigned or triggered and follow a preset sequence, which forces you to trigger the campaigns on the day of the event or build multiple campaigns.

CallAction simplifies your workflow by eliminating time-wasting duplicate activities and task-list overwhelm.

Use this workflow to automate future follow-up using prewritten automated campaigns for your workflows such as:

  • Anniversary / birthdays campaigns

  • Upcoming events / webinars

  • Follow-up on the exact date and time a contact requests

You are limited only by your creativity. Here's an example workflow using the Facebook Birthday calendar page.
Below is a video and a detailed step-by-step guide to scheduling a campaign.

How to Schedule a Campaign

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Conversations

  3. Select a Contact

  4. Click on Actions

  5. Click on Schedule Icon

  6. Select Date & Time

  7. Click Done

  8. Select the Drip Campaign

  9. Click Ok

Done, your automated campaign will be triggered to start on the selected date & time and follow your pre-written drip campaign scheduled steps.

How Do Scheduled Campaigns Work?

Here is an example. Say your first drip campaign step starts in 1 min from the assignment (trigger), then the second step is scheduled for 2 days later at 9:05 am.

If you schedule the campaign to start in 90 days from today at 4:50 pm. The first step will start in 90 days from today at 4:51 pm (4:50 pm + 1 min for the first step). The second step will be on day 92 at 9:05 am.

Need to Automate Your Follow-Up?

If you are in sales or marketing and losing sales opportunities because you are overwhelmed by follow-up tasks in your CRM, CallAction can help you. Take 10 mins to set up a free CallAction trial now or schedule a demo below.

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