Setup Tags to Start and End a Drip Campaign

Automatically start or end a drip campaign by simply tagging a contact with an associated tag in the drip campaign settings.

Set a tag to automatically start a drip campaign or end a drip campaign. 

Leveraging these tags you can streamline your workflow and automatically start a drip campaign for a contact using the selected tags.

Start Tag

This is a tag that automatically starts the drip campaign when the same tag is applied to an individual contact. You can select a single tag per drip campaign to start a drip campaign.

Tags with an associated drip campaign are indicated with a drip campaign icon in the auto-suggest drop down. Once a tag is set to a drip campaign it is not selectable for a second campaign.  No duplicate tags are allowed as a Start Tag.

End Tag

End tags automatically stop a drip campaign to a specific contact when the matching tag is applied to the contact record.

You can set a master end tag for multiple drip campaigns.

Start Tags and End Tags Stop Currently Running Drip Campaigns

If you have an existing drip campaign that is currently running and tag a contact with an associated start or end tag, the current drip campaign is ended and the new campaign will automatically start.

View and Manage Tags Associated with Drip Campaigns

You can quickly manage tags and see which tags are associated with a drip campaign to either start a campaign or end a campaign.

Set the Start and End Tags to a Drip Campaign

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Tools

  3. Click on Drip Campaigns

  4. Select Manage of the Drip Campaign

  5. Enter a Start Tag, End Tag 

  6. Click Save Changes

Once you apply the matching tag to a contact, CallAction will automatically end existing campaigns and start or end the associated drip campaign

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