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Learn how to use the CallAction sales dialer app with your CRM. Build call lists and power dial leads with our single line dialer software.

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Power Dial Leads with the VOIP CallAction Sales Dialer

Easily build call list of tagged contacts in CallAction and load them into your VOIP single line dialer. Quickly power dial leads with the click of a single button.

You can record outbound calls and have those calls transcribe to text and sync into your existing CRM with one of API integrations, saving valuable time in data entry.

Outbound Call made from Your CallAction Number

Call leads from the same campaign call tracking number they originally contacted you from. 

Eliminates consumer confusion and increases call contact rates, especially after the iOS 13 Silence Unknown Caller option.  

CallAction dialer is the only dialer software that automatically makes outbound calls from the original number. The dialer also allows you to send and receive text messages or assign drip campaigns and go straight from lead to call automatically.

Other CallAction Sales Dialer Advantages

Dialer Software Overview

Watch this quick intro video of the CallAction dialer app.

Why Use our Dialer?

  • Fastest VOIP browser based dialer with only one button.

  • Calls are made from same CallAction number the client has engaged with.

  • Save time calling your list of contacts by consolidating the entire process into a single button push. Allows you to make more dials per call session. 

  • Organize your call list and track your progress easily jumping between call list. 

  • Save data-entry time with automated logging of calls synced to your API connected CRM

  • Easy access to drip campaigns, notes & tags

  • Mobile responsive app can be used on mobile phones and ipads

Start Using the CallAction Sales Dialer

  1. Filter your contact list (using built in filters or custom tags) to build a call list.

  2. Click on Dialer button in top right

  3. Click Create New

  4. Name your new call list & select outbound dialer call method (VOIP browser call or mobile phone) and click Save.

  5. Click Call to start dialing. 

  6. Click same button to Hangup and move list to next contact

Load an Existing Call List to Start Power Dialer Calling Session

  1. Click on Dialer

  2. Click on Call List

  3. Select & load a call list

  4. Click Call to start session

Learn more about creating a CallAction dialer call list. 

Ending a Sales Dialer Call Session

You can end a dialer session at anytime by clicking the End button. 

The time spent dialing in that call session will be saved automatically. 

Easily Add Drip Campaigns, Tags or Notes to Contacts

Quickly work your contacts based on the outcome of your conversation with one click access to the Actions tag. 

All of the integrated features makes the CallAction sales dialer a powerful dialer solution and mojo dialer alternative. 

Looking for a Powerful Sales Dialer to Integrate with Your CRM?

Try the CallAction dialer for 14 days for free. Setup a trial now, connect your existing CRM via an API integration and start sending email leads into CallAction using our email forwarding and automating your lead follow-up with text drip campaigns.

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