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VOIP Calling with Browser Calls
VOIP Calling with Browser Calls

Learn how to make outbound VOIP calls with CallAction browser calling by selecting the CallAction browser call option.

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CallAction VOIP Browser Calls

Make outbound phone calls to your contacts in CallAction using a VOIP phone call.

VOIP phone calls is available on your desktop, laptop, iPad. Outbound calls can be recorded and transcribed. All calls are logged in the conversation view.

If you have integration with a CRM turned on in CallAction the calls will be logged into that CRM. 

How to Make a Browser Call

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Conversations

  3. Select Contact

  4. Click on Call button to access options

  5. Click on Browser Call
    (First Time Calling: you will need to grant access to CallAction to use your computers microphone and speakers)

Hang Up the Browser Call

  1. Click on Hangup to end the VOIP call

That will end call immediately.

Learn more about what CallAction does with phone calls.

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