What Happens to Your Calls that are Routed via CallAction?

Here’s a step by step guide of 17 tasks performed by our intelligent automation to help you save you time, money & opportunities.  

Inbound Phone Calls 

  • Notify you of Inbound call before your phone rings

  • Capture & track inbound call details: date, time, advertising source

  • Check if call is from mobile, voip or landline & phone company provider

  • Real-time reverse data Append to Find Intel on Caller (name, phones, emails, addresses, demographics, etc)

  • Insert the captured call into your CRM via integrations

Missed Phone Calls 

Caller Responds to Text Automation

  • Send you text notification to respond within 4 mins

  • If you don’t respond, CallAction sends a 2nd follow-up text to schedule an appointment

  • Send a 3rd text message; a vCard text with all of your data

Caller Doesn’t Respond to 1st Text

  • 45 mins later, send a follow-up text to re-engage caller

Answered Phone Calls

  • Start Recording Phone Call

End of Phone Call

  • Transcribe the recorded call to text

  • Send a personalized “Call Follow Up” Text thanking them for conversation w/ optional native video, image or audio recording attachment

  • Send personalized vCard with all of your contact info

  • Automatically added to Holiday Text Campaigns

Phone Calls are Your Most Valuable Inquiries

Smart mobile phones with 24/7 internet access and click to call buttons caused a massive increase calls. Consumers no longer leave voicemail messages but simply call the next company, so it's critical to have a system like CallAction to help you respond.

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