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What does CallAction do with phone calls?
What does CallAction do with phone calls?

Learn how CallAction works with inbound phone calls that are answered or missed using intelligent automation for increased sales & efficency

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What Happens to Your Calls that are Routed via CallAction?

Here’s a step by step guide of 17 tasks performed by our intelligent automation to help you save you time, money & opportunities.  

Inbound Phone Calls 

  • Notify you of Inbound call before your phone rings

  • Capture & track inbound call details: date, time, advertising source

  • Check if call is from mobile, voip or landline & phone company provider

  • Real-time reverse data Append to Find Intel on Caller (name, phones, emails, addresses, demographics, etc)

  • Insert the captured call into your CRM via integrations

Missed Phone Calls 

Caller Responds to Text Automation

  • Send you text notification to respond within 4 mins

  • If you don’t respond, CallAction sends a 2nd follow-up text to schedule an appointment

  • Send a 3rd text message; a vCard text with all of your data

Caller Doesn’t Respond to 1st Text

  • 45 mins later, send a follow-up text to re-engage caller

Answered Phone Calls

  • Start Recording Phone Call

End of Phone Call

  • Transcribe the recorded call to text

  • Send a personalized “Call Follow Up” Text thanking them for conversation w/ optional native video, image or audio recording attachment

  • Send personalized vCard with all of your contact info

  • Automatically added to Holiday Text Campaigns

Phone Calls are Your Most Valuable Inquiries

Smart mobile phones with 24/7 internet access and click to call buttons caused a massive increase calls. Consumers no longer leave voicemail messages but simply call the next company, so it's critical to have a system like CallAction to help you respond.

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