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RingCentral Phone Number Forwarding
RingCentral Phone Number Forwarding

Learn how to setup a call forwarding from a RingCentral extension or user into a CallAction number to leverage intelligent automation

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How to Forward RingCentral Phone Calls to CallAction

Many companies use Ring Central phone services as PDX softphones to manage incoming phone calls.

Ring Central Integration Use Cases

A common use case in a real estate office maybe setting up a phone tree in Ring Central like: Press 1 to Buy a home, Press 2 to Sell a Home, etc.

You can now forward the Press X phone call to a CallAction call capture phone number to forward to a single person or use our Call Broadcast system to ring multiple agents simultaneously.

Additional Benefits of a RingCentral to CallAction call forwarding integration.

You can also have Ring Central extensions forward calls directly your CallAction user numbers to initiate our intelligent automation and sync the caller data into your CRM system. 

Select Your CallAction Number Number

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click "Numbers"

  3. Copy the CallAction number you want to foward RingCentral calls to 

RingCentral Phone Number Integration

  1. Login to RingCentral 

  2. Go to Users (list of extensions of the PBX phone system)

  3. Select "User or Extension" (extension you want to forward to CallAction)

  4. Go to "Call Handling and Forwarding"

  5. Click on "Call Forwarding Phone Number"

  6. Paste your CallAction number in the phone number section

  7. Click on "Advanced"

  8. Click Edit on your new forwarding rule

  9. Define call forwarding conditions; select bottom option Date and/or time etc.

  10. Set "Call Handling" to "UNCONDITIONAL forwarding"

There are lot's of addition use cases to integrate Ring Central with CallAction. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding an integration using the chat below. You may also reference RingCentrals older help doc.

Port your RingCentral Phone Number

Interested in replacing RingCentral with CallAction to capture and track your calls. You may port your Ring Central phone number to CallAction for free.

Free 14-Day Trial of CallAction 

If you are not currently a user of CallAction but would like to try this integration in your business, you may signup for a free trial of our intelligent lead engagement automation platform

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