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CallAction User Interface Tour
CallAction User Interface Tour

Learn How to Navigate the CallAction Dashboard Interface Tour

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CallAction Web Application UI

Our goal is to create a simple yet powerful UI to help you easily navigate CallAction. This will give you an overview of each major interface view. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with your new SaaS software solution.

  • Contacts - this is list of every inbound lead/contact received on the CallAction lead engagement automation platform

  • Dashboard - you can view important call analytics and tracking stats

  • Phone Numbers - here is where you manage each of your CallAction phone numbers and settings. 

  • Tools - here is where you access your text drip campaigns

  • Profile - manage your account settings and billing

CallAction Application Views

Contact List User Interface Tour

View a complete list of all your leads from all your CallAction campaigns in our contact list view. Search for a specific contact record using our powerful search box. You can also filter by date and export all contacts using a CSV export to build Facebook custom audiences or for lead retargeting.

  • Created - this is date lead call, text, or email was captured by CallAction

  • Phone Number - inbound call captured 

  • Caller / Caller ID - captured caller id information or append caller name

  • Caller ID Location - the location of the phone number based on area code and prefix

  • Campaign Name - call tracking campaign name

Filter / Export

Filter all your leads by date. Enter a start date and finish date. Click "apply filter" to see leads.

After you apply a filter, you can click the "Export CSV File" to download lead data.


Click on "dashboard" at the top of the navigation bar to view call tracking details and call analytics. You can use the pull down to view stats on specific CallAction phone numbers and marketing campaigns.

Call Tracking Data

  • Total Inbound Calls - total calls within the report period.

  • Average Call Duration - avg length of calls and longest call during the reporting period. There is a direct correlation between length of phone call and lead conversion. The longer the call duration the higher the lead conversion rate.

  • Call Answered - total number of call answered

  • Call Answer Rate - shows the percentage of inbound calls answered. This is an important call tracking metrics for your sales people. You are looking for the highest number of calls answered. Many sales team will set a minimum performance KPI using this call answer rate to hold sales accountable.

  • Text Answered - displays total number of text messages answered by user

  • Text Answer Rate - important performance KPI that shows if users are responding to inbound text messages or letting automation respond.

  • Peak Hour - shows history on inbound call times. Useful KPI for phone coverage and to track what times leads are calling

  • Top Inbound Day - reporting shows day of the week that majority of consumers are calling.

Phone Numbers

This is the area to view and manage all of your call tracking phone numbers.

  • Created - date phone number was added to your account

  • Phone - this is your CallAction call tracking/call capture phone number

  • Campaign - this is the marketing campaign name associated with the phone number

  • Destination - this is the destination phone number that the CallAction number is forwarded to

  • User - this is the name of the user the CallAction number is forwarded to

Add Phone Numbers

Need more call tracking phone numbers? Instantly search for call tracking / call capture phone numbers and activate them instantly with our phone number search tool.

  • Area Code - search for local call capture and tracking phone numbers by area code

  • Optional - find local or toll-free vanity phone numbers 

  • Toll-Free Numbers - Tick the box to search for toll-free vanity numbers


View our tools and drip text message tools in this interface. Here you will be able to find the newest CallAction tools.

  • Holiday Text Messages - setup your holiday text campaigns


Here is where you will manage your personal settings, billing, plans, integrations and API settings.

  • Profile - setup your profile and images, destination phone number and business hours

  • vCard - this is the profile used for the automated vCard text message

  • Plan - view details of your CallAction plan

  • Billing - update your credit card and view billing details

  • Users - add users to your CallAction account

  • Media Library - upload video, audio and image files to your drip text messages or text messages.

  • Integrations - find links to API integrations like Top Producer, FollowUp Boss and Marketsnap Shot

  • Online Help - directly link to the CallAction support center

  • Your 1st Call - instructions to familiarize yourself with using CallAction mobile web app

Thanks for taking the time to learn the CallAction interface. You can start to personalize your text messages.

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Not Currently Using CallAction to Capture, Track and Respond to Leads?

CallAction is an intelligent marketing automation platform engineered to help increase lead conversions and engagement. System captures, responds and tracks leads from the three primary forms of communication, calls, emails and text messages. We offer a free 14-day trial and personal demo.

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