CallAction is Not a Dialer System or Mass Text System

Our lead engagement system is not designed and does not allow for you to upload a list of existing contacts or phone numbers or generate phone numbers for you to contact via a dialer or mass text. That would be a dialer system* which is not a service or product that CallAction provides. 

How Do I Add Contacts to CallAction?

Contacts are automatically captured and saved into the CallAction system when they contact you via a CallAction call tracking phone number by responding to your offline/online advertising and marketing efforts.

Voluntary two-way communication of a person inquiring with you establishes your business relationship allowing you to contact the person and is required to use CallAction services.

If you do not have a pre-existing business relationship that originated via an inbound inquiry or other marketing efforts where you obtained express written consent to contact them via phone call, text or email as required by TCPA guidelines; you will not be able to use CallAction services. 

You may start using CallAction at any time to start to capture, track and respond to your inbound inquiries and build your list of business contacts that can sync directly into your CRM using our existing integrations.

Our Service Helps You Track & Follow-Up with Your Inbound Leads

CallAction provides individual call capture and tracking phone numbers to be used in all your online or offline advertising.

We help you follow-up with your leads instantly when they call or text your CallAction number by responding to your advertising. You can track response rates and improve your marketing ROI using our services.

You Can Export Your Lead Data

CallAction allows you to easily export your leads using any of the following methods for maximum flexibility.

This allows for powerful remarketing to inbound phone call inquires to increase your lead conversion.

Not Using CallAction to Capture and Track Your Marketing Leads?

Learn how CallAction can help your business by experiencing it first hand with a free 14-day trial of our services.

Take 10 minutes to set up your trial today.

*If you are looking for a telephone dialer system, you may visit this list of available providers.

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