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Facebook Custom Audience

Learn How to Build a Facebook Custom Audience from Lead Calls & Emails Captured using Your Lead Engagement Automation Platform

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Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Facebook Custom Audience from Your CallAction Contacts

Did you know you can retarget consumers that called your CallAction call capture numbers directly on Facebook? This is a powerful solution to keep you top-of-mind with your most valuable leads. 

You will learn how you can retarget offline callers directly in their personal Facebook feed in less than 5 mins. Let's get started building your Facebook custom audience from your CallAction leads.

Get Your CallAction Leads CSV file

  1. You can login to your CallAction account.

  2. Go to "Contacts"

  3. Click green "Filter / Export" 

  4. Select a "Start date" and "Finish Date"

  5. Click on "Apply Filter"

  6. Download the CSV file using the “Export CSV File”.

  7. Open the downloaded CSV file name “contact-list.csv” and scroll right to column “HS” with header “Facebook”.

  8. Copy the entire data column and save to a .txt file, called “callaction-leads.txt” 

Now you are ready to upload the data into Facebook to build your custom audience.

Upload Your CallAction Leads to Build Facebook Custom Audience 

  1. Open Facebook

  2. Click on “Ads Manager” on the left column.

  3. Click on the “Navigation” at top left. 

  4. Click on “Audience”

  5. Click on “Create Audience”, then “Custom Audience”

  6. Click on “Customer File”

  7. Click on “Choose a file or copy and paste data”

  8. Click “Upload File”

  9. Select your saved “callaction-leads.txt” file.

  10. Preview & make sure drop-down set to “phone”

  11. Click “Upload & Create”

  12. Allow system to complete hash & upload

  13. Once complete, click “Done”

Congratulations, you have built a Facebook Custom Audience from your CallAction contact list. You can now use this custom audience to run a Facebook click to call now ad

Retarget Based on Email Address

You can also repeat the steps above and upload a list of email addresses. Since consumers tend to have more than one email address we typically find that the match rates will be slightly lower.

Not Currently Using CallAction for Facebook Custom Audiences

Use CallAction call capture numbers on your offline marketing to capture all of your inbound lead phone calls. Then easily retarget these leads online with a Facebook custom audience. You can try this first hand using a free 14 day trial of CallAction.

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