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Zapier Zap to Build Facebook Custom Audience CSV File from Calls & Texts
Zapier Zap to Build Facebook Custom Audience CSV File from Calls & Texts

How to use Zapier to build a Facebook custom audience csv file with phone numbers from inbound calls / text to your CallAction numbers

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Build Real-Time Facebook Custom Audience CSV Files from Phone Numbers

Use Facebook Ads to retarget callers and texters why inquired offline by dynamically building Facebook Custom Audience CSV files in Google Sheets with this CallAction + Zapier Zap workflow.

  • Stay top of mind by retargeting anyone who calls or text

  • Build Facebook look-alike audiences from high intent inbound callers

  • Dynamically build correctly formatted Facebook Custom Audience CSV file

Phone Number based Facebook Custom Audiences have High Match Rates

A big advantage of this workflow is the accuracy of the match rate. Facebook users must include their mobile number to use Facebook Messenger, unlike an email where users can have multiple emails.

Zapier Zap for Facebook Custom Audience CSV File

The process is broken down into three simple steps.

  1. The initial trigger is any new contact (from a call or text) captured in CallAction.

  2. We then push that contacts phone number into a Google sheet CSV.

  3. Download the CSV and upload it into your Facebook custom audience.

Create Google Sheet for Facebook Custom Audience CSV File

  1. Create this Facebook Custom Audience CSV format Google Sheet Template (basically a sheet with 1 header called "phone")

Create CallAction Zap to Build Facebook Custom Audience Starting with Trigger

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Profile

  3. Click on Integrations

  4. Click on Zapier

  5. Click on Zapier Editor button

  6. Click on Accept Invite & Build Zap

  7. Select App

  8. Choose Trigger Event New Contact

  9. Customize Contact enter name Facebook Custom Audience from CallAction Calls

Next, we will select the app Google Sheets in the "Do This..."

  1. Choose App & Event Select Google Sheets

  2. Select your new Facebook Custom Audience from CallAction Calls worksheet

  3. Select the Create Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets action

  4. Customize Spreadsheet Row by Adding Phone field

  5. Click Done Editing

  6. Turn On Zap

Now you'll have a real-time updated CSV sheet that you can use daily to append to your existing Facebook Custom Audience.

Advance Facebook Custom Audience Marketing

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