Learn how you can push CallAction captured leads directly into Ylopo for Facebook retargeting.

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Ylopo API Integration

This CallAction + Ylopo integration let's you sync captured phone calls and text messages from CallAction directly into Ylopo in real-time.

The goal of the integration is to allow retargeting from phone calls using phone numbers to build a Facebook custom audience.

Imagine getting an offline yard sign call to your CallAction account and that user starts seeing your listings on Facebook.

You can setup the Ylopo / CallAction integration in minutes with just a few small steps. 

  • Request Ylopo API Key

  • Connect CallAction to Ylopo with API Key

How to Get Your Ylopo API Key

  1. Simply email the support team at Ylopo at  support@ylopo.com and request your API key for your party account.

  2. Once you have your Ylopo API key, go to next steps.

Connect CallAction to Ylopo via API

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Profile in top right

  3. Click on Integrations

  4. Click on Ylopo

  5. Enter your Ylopo API key

  6. Click Save 

Select Which CallAction Campaigns Send to Ylopo

Next, you will want to select which CallAction campaign number you want to push into Ylopo.  We give you the option at the number level.

  1. Click on Numbers

  2. Click on Manage of the number you want to integrate Ylopo

  3. Click on Call Settings

  4. Scroll down to Integrations

  5. Turn ON (or OFF) Ylopo 

  6. Click Save

Done, now your captured phone calls, text messages and email leads can be synced directly in Ylopo.

Try this CallAction + Ylopo Integration for Free

CallAction offers a free 14-day trial of our lead engagement automation platform. Connect your existing Ylopo account with this free trial today. You can also use CallAction drip campaign messages to help follow-up with you Ylopo leads. 

Learn. why Ylopo Barry Jenkins uses CallAction in his review.

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