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Facebook Lead Ads Integration
Facebook Lead Ads Integration

Automatically Capture & Engage Facebook Lead Ads with CallAction. Learn How to Sync Facebook Leads into Your CRM w/ FB Lead Ads Integration

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Capture and Respond to Facebook Lead Ads with CallAction and your CRM

Learn how to engage your Facebook lead ads generated from your real estate Facebook marketing using a CallAction text messages and custom text drip campaigns within 90 secs while simultaneously exporting lead data directly with CRM integrations.

You will need your Facebook login info, CallAction and a paid account with Zapier (suggested) or LeadsBridge. These services range in the $20 - $25 range. We personally like Zapier as it provides more functionality and flexibility than LeadsBridge.

Both Zapier and the LeadsBridge examples will use the CallAction email parser to import leads.

Get Your CallAction Email Address

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click "Numbers"

  3. Select your "CallAction" phone number used for Facebook Lead Ads

  4. Click on "Manage"

  5. Click on "Email Settings"

  6. Copy the "CallAction Email"

  7. Scroll down to "Campaign" and enter "Facebook Lead Ads"

  8. Click "Save"

Now you are ready to setup the Zapier integration to export the lead into your CallAction account using automation.

Zapier for Facebook Lead Ads

  1. Create a Account

  2. Click in the top right to "Upgrade Account" (required to get access to Facebook Lead Ads - Premium App)

  3. Click "Make Zap"

  4. Choose "Trigger App" and select "Facebook Lead Ads"

  5. Click "New Lead" and click "Continue"

  6. Click "Connect New Account"

  7. Click "Test" and then "Continue"

  8. Select your Facebook page using the drop down arrow

  9. Select your Facebook Lead Ad form using drop down arrow

  10. Click "Continue"

  11. Next on "Test Facebook Lead Ad", click "Connect + Continue"

  12. Choose "Action App"

  13. Select "Email by Zapier"

  14. Click  "Save + Continue" on "Send Outbound Email"

  15. Enter your "CallAction Email" (ends with in the "To:" field (tip: you can also enter your personalize email for a 2nd record)

  16. In "Subject" enter "Facebook Lead Ad - (your campaign name)"

  17. in "Body" enter the following 3 required fields in this exact format:
    (Tip: copy & paste the layout below)

    name: (insert "name" merge field from Facebook)
    email: (insert "email" merge field from Facebook)
    phone: (insert "phone" merge field from Facebook)

  18. Click "Continue"

  19. Click "Test + Save"

  20. Name and Activate your new "Zap"

Run a few test to see if currently working properly.

Congratulations, you are done. All of your Facebook Lead Ads are now responded to within 90 secs of receipt into

Don't want to use Zapier? Here are instructions to use LeadsBridge

LeadsBridge for Facebook Lead Ads 

Below are instructions to use LeadsBridge with Facebook Lead Ads.

  1. Go to and create an account

  2. Click on "Add Integrations" in top navigations

  3. In "Name" field enter "CallAction - Facebook"

  4. Select "Inbox Notifier (Email)" from drop down

  5. Select "Plain Text" in the Content Type field

  6. Enter your current "email address" in the "From" field

  7. Enter your "CallAction Email" in the "To? (emails separated by comma) field"

  8. Click "Save"

Now time to connect your Facebook account

  1. Click "Add AdAccount"

  2. Enter a "Name" 

  3. Select "Facebook Ad Account" to connect your ad account

  4. Select "Facebook Page" using drop-down

  5. Select "Facebook Ad Form" using drop-down

  6. Click "Next"

  7. Select your previously created "CallAction - Facebook" inbox notifier email

  8. Click "Next"

  9. Following remaining instructions and "Save"

You are done 😃!

Now every lead captured on Facebook is automatically synced directly into CallAction marketing automation platform.

The system will then instantly engage and nurture the Facebook marketing real estate leads via intelligent automated text message to start an inbound conversation which increases your lead conversion.  We can also push your captured Facebook video marketing lead ads data directly into your CRM or other marketing platforms via our integrations saving you time and money.

Not Currently Using CallAction with Facebook?

If you are doing online marketing on Facebook, Google, Twitter, Youtube or other platforms, CallAction can help you capture, respond and track 100% of your leads. Our powerful solutions like our text tool and video text message marketing can help you increase lead conversion and efficiency.

Take 10 minutes to setup a free trial account today to try this integration first hand.

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