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Walled Garden Facebook Lead Ad Integration
Walled Garden Facebook Lead Ad Integration

Learn how to set up a workflow to automatically import & follow-up on Facebook leads generated from into CallAction

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Automated Facebook Real Estate Leads with Walled Garden

Are you using the Walled Garden real estate system to create and generate real estate leads from Facebook? Watch a video demo below. 

Learn how to setup a simple workflow to send your Facebook real estate leads into CallAction (and into your API connected CRM) to automate your lead follow-up.  Use our pre-written Facebook lead drip campaign template to engage the leads and close sales.

What is Walled Garden?   

Instantly create custom Facebook lead ads for your property listings in just a few clicks with This product uses advance Facebook targeting from and ad copy from Travis Thom of Elevated Real Estate Marketing

  • Create custom Facebook lead ad in less than 5 mins

  • Ad designed using best practices in targeting for max reach

  • Leads are sent to a beautiful single property website landing page

You can then automate the follow-up and sync leads into your CRM using our Walled Garden Integration.

Send Facebook Real Estate Leads into CallAction

Once you have generated real estate leads, you can send them into CallAction sales automation platform to help you follow-up and convert the leads with powerful voice, video and text drip campaigns. 

You'll need to setup a CallAction campaign number for your Wall Garden real estate leads and get the CallAction email parser address to complete this setup. 

Setup a Dedicated Facebook Marketing Number

  1. Login to CallAction

  2. Click on Numbers

  3. Click Add Number

  4. Enter Local Area Code 

  5. Click Search

  6. Select a Phone Number 

  7. Click Save

Next, you will get the dedicated email address for your new Facebook lead ad campaigns.

  1. Click on Numbers

  2. Click on Manage of newly acquired marketing number

  3. Click on Email Settings

  4. Copy CallAction Email Address

Next you will integrate Walled Garden with CallAction to send in newly captured Facebook leads into CallAction and start the automated follow-up.

How to Send Walled Garden Leads into CallAction

  1. Click on Account

  2. Click on Lead Notifications

  3. Click on Add an Email

  4. Add your CallAction email address

  5. Click OK

Add Your CallAction Call Capture Number to the Walled Garden Listing Landing Page

Once a contact clicks to Learn more about the listing, they are directed to a Walled Garden listing landing page. We recommend that you update the displayed phone number on the landing page with the same CallAction Facebook marketing number.

  1. Click on View Listing Landing Page

  2. Scroll to Phone Number

  3. Replace your personal number with your CallAction marketing call capture number

  4. Click Save

Now, your new Facebook lead notifications will be automatically sent into your dedicated CallAction campaign number to start an drip campaign

Import the Pre-Written Wall Garden Drip Campaign

Use our proven Facebook book drip campaign template made specifically for FB Wall Garden leads. Go to our templates and import it into your account.

Create Your First Walled Garden Facebook Ad

You can use one of the proven drip campaign templates or build your own drip campaign with advanced scheduling options and message types.

Sync Facebook Leads into Your Real Estate CRM

Using this Facebook lead ad workflow with CallAction you can also have your leads sync directly into your real estate CRM in real-time using CallAction as the lead bridge. 

Automate Your Facebook Lead Follow-Up with Free Trial of CallAction

You must have a solid lead follow-up system in place to have success with Facebook real estate leads. Read some top real estate agent reviews of CallAction and setup a free trial in less than 10 mins. 

Walled Garden & CallAction Video Demo

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