Add Leads to KW Command with Zapier

Learn how to add your leads into KW Command using a Zapier Zap and CallAction. Push any leads captured by CallAction into KW Command

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KW Command Zapier Integration

Send call, text or email leads captured by CallAction sales engagement platform into KW Command with a Zapier Zap.

Create a New Lead in KW Command

Follow the steps to learn how to add a new lead into your KW Command App from any lead source. You'll need a free Zapier account, your KW Command login and password, and a CallAction account.

Create KW Command Zap to Create a Lead

  1. Login to Zapier to build Zap

  2. Click Make Zap

  3. Enter in Choose App & Event

  4. Choose Trigger Create Contact

  5. Select your CallAction account

  6. Enter Zap name, CallAction > KW Command

  7. Click Test Trigger

Next, we will add the lead into your KW Command app with the next step.

  1. Enter KW Command in the Choose App & Action field
    Note: if your first time connecting KW Command to Zapier, you will need your KW Command login User Name and Password.

  1. Select Create Client in the Choose Action drop-down

  2. Select your KW Command app account

  3. Select Data Source

  4. Click on Custom, enter

  5. Select your Team to assign the lead

  6. Select Full Name

  7. Click on Show All Options

  8. Select the CallAction Full Name merge field.

  9. Select the Email field, click on CallAction New Contact

  10. Select the CallAction Email merge field

  11. Select Phone to merge into Mobile Phone field
    Optional: Add any other merge fields as needed.

  12. Click Continue

  13. Turn On your new KW Command Zap

Done! All new leads in CallAction will be synced directly into your KW Command Account.

Pro Tip: You can also select Zapier filters to send only specific leads if needed. Need help, start a live chat with us in the bottom right corner.

Connect Your Existing CRM Leads with CallAction to KW Command

CallAction has over 40 native real estate CRM integrations, like Follow Up Boss, BoomTown, CINC, LionDesk, KvCore, and others. You can use get leads from those CRMs sent into CallAction to automate your lead follow up and long term lead nurture.

Advanced KW Command Lead Generation

You can also use the text for info for lead generation to promote your KW Command app to consumers.

Free Trial of CallAction

Learn why top real estate teams use CallAction from these reviews with lead to call automation to make sure every lead gets answered. Setup a free trial in less that 5 mins.

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